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Hi everyone. My first post and excited to have found this forum. I've been fighting with allergies of all sorts for a while now and hoping I'm on the right path. I have allergies to food dyes and a lot of additives; MSG being the worst (migraine and rashes). I also have odd reactions to dairy - not the typical lactose intolerant - mainly bloating and belching, increased heart rate and sinus issues. I eat a vegan diet now but if I misread a label and have dairy, I can tell. I also have terrible year round allergies.

About three weeks ago I started having odd eye issues and saw a neuro-opthamologist who thought my symptoms were sinus related. They were - a really bad sinus/ear infection in both ears, etc. I was on huge doses of antibiotics which cleared things up a lot but I'm still fighting allergy type symptoms. I've also been sick with a head cold and still not over it. I'm ADD and struggle with constant focus issues. Sometimes, when my allergies flare up a lot, I ache all over because of the inflammation. So...my doctor has suggested elimating gluten for a period and see if my allergies/sinues/immune system get better. She doesn't think she can get the insurance to buy off on testing based on my symptoms (no digestive issues) but because of the dairy issue, she feels there may be a link. I should mention that overall, I'm healthy.

I'm excited to see if this helps. Finding alternatives has been a bit challenging since I don't eat meat but it hasn't been too crazy. Any advice you all have is greatly appreciated!

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