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Blood Testing Tomorrow

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Warning...this will probably be LONG.

Here are the symptoms I've been experiencing:

Constantly tired, but very sleepless (even worse than it was before all this)


Balance issues


Brain fog

Aches in other parts of body


Heart palpitations

Insane panic attacks

Bloating in stomach/abdominal area after eating breads and such

Slightly sharp pain in stomach/abdominal area " "

Feeling full really fast

Gassiness & flatulence

I started having panic attacks at age 19 and they had really stopped for about 8 years before returning....but even when they returned they were pretty mild and I lgot through them quickly. These more recent ones have been so insanely intense that I've gone to the er 3 times because with all these other symptoms, I was really worried. They definitely aren't like the attacks I've had in the past. Each time I went, I was basically brushed off. The 2nd visit to the er, they asked me which of my symptoms I was there for...um all of them? They did do some neuro testing and had me walk in silly ways and had me do a "follow my finger with your eyes" test...and they determined that there was no cause for alarm as far as my balance & dizziness. I askef for a blood test, but they "didn't feel it was necessary"...The 3rd time I went, I finally got them to do blood testing (just general testing) and my white blood cell count was low so they rec'd me to a hematologist. 2 weeks later I see the hematologist and the white blood count is normal again...which I was thankful for. The hematologist is great. I like him. I see him again tomorrow for more extensive testing, which will include a test for celiac. He's thinking I have low iron (and I agree that I most likely do). I also think there's a chance that I have a gluten intolerance of some sort...perhaps celiac.

The thing is, I was so wrapped up in the neuro and other body issues that I didn't pay attn to the gastro issues...I'm not even sure what made me think of celiac as a possibility, but it kinda popped into my head one day and I started doing a little reseach and found that it affects so much more than the gastro. So it made me kinda "hmmm"...id also say that my gastro problems, while they are there...aren't as bad or as intolerable as some other people who might have gluten intolerance or celiac.

I've looked at so many different possibilities and so many symptoms span across so many diseases and conditions...so I don't want to speculate or self diagnose too much, but for some reason...my intuition is leaning toward celiac. Maybe I'm wrong? Maybe its ONLY iron deficiency or some other vitamin/mineral deficiency...maybe it's something else. I guess we'll see. I'm actually wondering if I might have gluten ataxia?

Since my visit to the hematologist I've been having less panic attacks. In fact, I've gone a whole week (7 days) without having one...which is awesome because I was having them about every 2 days (with the ativan the er doctors gave me) and everyday without the med...I think maybe because I don't feel AS afraid about what's happening to my body (though I still have anxieties about it. Naturally). Not taking the ativan anymore....the last of it was gone a week ago. I don't intend on getting more at this point. I hate taking meds. So hopefully my winning streak can continue. I've had some close call attacks, but I've been able to control and calm them.

The other symptoms persist, though...so I'm definitely ready for the testing. I've always been horrified of going to doctors but I can't freaking wait because I'm ready to feel better. SO ready. In any event I'm keeping a positive mind about it.

It's been great reading experinces and advice here. Very helpful.

Oh and hi. : )

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