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A Question About A Dr. Ford Comment About Blood Testing

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What are your thoughts on this post by Dr. Ford regarding the time off gluten and accurate blood testing? Daughter off gluten for 1 month with 2-3 "mistakes". Could the results sitll be accurate....as far as blood accuracy goes?


Antibody tests: tTG, EMA, DGP, IgG-gliadin, IgA-gliadin.

All of these blood tests measure antibody levels

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Well, that is a pretty bald, bold statement that Dr. Ford makes, with nothing but his opinion apparently to back it up. If that were the case, why do doctors sometimes do a six-month and twelve-month follow-up blood test to check for dietary compliance, if you are still making the antibodies? I have never heard anybody else state this and think that the statement requires some scientific authority other than Dr. Ford to support it :P

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