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Permanent Fat Butt Gone?

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For my whole life, I have been in pretty decent shape and overall healthy. I'm a male and overall have been in pretty good shape. Worked out a few days a week. Ran once a week. Ate ok. The only thing is that I have always had a bigger a$$ than most do as well as some pudge around the stomach that never went away.

Back a little over two years ago, I had a very traumatic experience with some over the counter medicine (Prilosec) where my body couldn't process it and it built up in my system until I nearly overdosed. Once the doctors at the hospital fixed me up, I began having all of these strange symptoms (anxiety, acid reflux, heart palps, dandruff etc). I go gluten free in Octoboer and many of the symptoms resolve themselves (some haven't still). Went to my natural/holistic doctor last November after being gluten free for 1.5 months and get a stool Celiac test. On the scale of 0-15, I was a 5 so after being gluten free for 1.5 months, I guess that shows some GI.

Well its been like 4 month now and I have lost a ton of weight since going gluten-free (170 to 150) and the first areas of my body to see improvement were my a$$ and stomach. I now look normal in those areas with some definition.

I was just wondering if anybody else has experienced anything like this?

Anybody else become gluten intolerant after years of eating normal or having a traumatic experience?

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