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Hi, I'm new here. Have been gluten free, corn free for three months. D & C are much better. However the pain is still bad. I am keeping a food journal and have dr's appt in may. But here is my issue & my question.

Pain with the following foods: soy, tapioca, raw fruits & veggies. Sometimes I even have pain with foods that normally haven't bothered me. Could this be new intolerances or could this pain be from damage to my intestines? The pain feels like a burning fire, it seems to occur in diiferent spots in my abdomen.

(I carry a list when shopping of all gluten, corn & soy derrivatives..so I know I am not accidentally ingesting those). I don't eat anything that I haven't prepared myself.

I feel as though there is nothing I can eat.

Help? Anyone have advice or thoughts..maybe there is something I am missing?

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