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Hi there. I was first on here about 2 years ago for my daughter but now I'm on here because of myself. I've always thought I had Celiac. From a very early age I've had symptoms and now I'm 32 and I can't keep living like this, so it's time to find out once & for all.

I've had asthma since I was about 8 years old.

Lactose intolerance since I can remember.

Since I was about 15 I've had stomach pain constantly. I was told it was reflux, then IBS, then ulcers - put on several meds & nothing ever really helped.

I can't even eat any more without being in pain immediately after.

The gas is horrific & embarrassing. My gut bloats like a bat outta hell & here come the rumblies!!

Just recently I started losing weight. Not that I'm complaining lol... but I'm down about 8 lbs now without even trying in the last month.

I went to my doctor about 2 months ago complaining about the following symptoms:

- Sick feeling all the time

- Nausious at night, sometimes vomitting

- stomach pain after eating

- weakness to the point where I couldn't even move a chair... coming from an ex fitness competitor this was a huge thing for me!

- irritable

- irregular/heavy cycles

He sent me for some blood work & it came back I was bottom of the barrel with Vitamin D and low, but not Iron deficient so I was told to take some supplements & if it didn't work, he would talk to me about anti-depressants. I'm not depressed!!! It's been 2 months and I still feel like garbage even after the supplements so I ordered a GlutenPro test which should come here soon.

Anyhow, sorry for the long-winded message. Just thought I would say hi and relay my symptoms to see if you think I might be on the right track. Hello everyone!!

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It sure looks like you might have a problem with gluten? Those symptoms fit pretty well.

Most Dr.s don't even think to test for Celiac. It's not on their radar. :(

Even after I was DXed by a GI, my Dr. thought my DX was wrong and I should go on much stronger anti-depressants! I swear their answer for everything is anti-depressants. :blink:

I hope you get some answers. Be sure to continue eating gluten until after your testing is done.

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