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Is It Celiac Or Am I Crazy?

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My husband and I started cutting out grains and processed foods from our diet recently and after about a week or so I noticed a major improvement in my acne, which I've suffered with since puberty (I'm 27 now), and also my hair and nails started to seems stronger and less brittle. I know these aren't commonly known as symptoms of celiac disease and I am not sure if its worth getting tested for. My other concern is with my 20 month old son. He's always been on the small side but he's been steadily falling off the growth charts since he was 6 months old. I hadn't considered it before but I'm starting to wonder if his lack of weight gain could be celiac-related. I feel weird taking him to the doctor and demanding a blood draw, especially if I'm wrong, but I'd also rather catch the problem now than later. Any advice or support is appreciated. My husband has noticed improvements in me since I've cut back on gluten but doesn't believe me about our son.

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I had lots of compliments about my skin looking better, going off of gluten. My hair also grew back in, it was getting very thin, the texture changed back to what it was when I was younger, and I was able to grow fingernails that need trimming - or I can let them grow out, if I want.

Alas my neurological symptoms were blown off, (several insurances, docs, and medical groups) so it was a battle to get taken seriously, as I didn't have the weight loss and don't throw positive tests.

You can get tested, along with your son, but you may or may not get positive test results. Stay on gluten if it is for blood tests. Follow your parenting instincts, whatever the outcome, even if it is self diagnosed gluten intolerance.

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