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Blood Test Question

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I finally got a can appointment to get my test results tomorrow... Whilst it is a relief that the wait is almost over, my anxiety is really hitting the roof now!

What I am wondering is, what do they look at in a celiac blood test?

As I have been asked to come in to discuss the results, I am assuming the test was not 'all clear'. So I am wondering what it could have shown up, if anything? Obviously it could be positive for celiac, but is there anything else it could show up that may warrant my being recalled that may not be celiac?

Maybe I am just clutching at straws here, but I was wondering if the test covers anything else, or is it most likely that a recall means a positive result for celiac?

I know I will have my answer tomorrow, but I am trying to mentally prepare for what may/or may not happen as best I can.

Can anyone else share their experience or shed any light on how broad the testing is (in the UK). If you had the test, if you got recalled, and what happened next....

I think I would really be going nuts without this forum :-)

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