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Describe Your Pain Symptoms

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I am looking for information about abdominal pain symptoms people experience with gluten intolerance/sensitivity.

I know some people have no abdominal pain symptoms, but for those that do:

-how would you describe the pain? (sharp, dull, aching, burning, etc.)

-where is the pain located?

-how long does it last?

-what brings it on?

-what alleviates it?

I am interested because for 7 months now I have had this horrible abdominal pain and have been unable to find any answers as to what it is. It's a burning, gnawing pain. It starts about 30 min-1 hour after I wake up and pretty much lasts all day. Usually it's near my navel, but I also sometimes have pain under my rib cage and in my pelvic area.

I have had lots of tests to rule things out.

I don't have too many other significant symptoms though. My abdomen is moderately distended and I have some excess gas, lots of belching.

I had an appendectomy a year and a half ago and am wondering if it has to do with that.

Five days ago I started a full liquid diet to give my digestive system a break, and I have had a moderately significant reduction in pain. So it occurred to me that I hadn't been eating much gluten based on my current diet and just wondered if that could be it.

In December I did have an upper endoscopy and was tested for celiac's (which was negative). But I know that testing can be misleading as far as gluten sensitivity goes.

Any information would help!


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I have had some abdominal pain, differs at times. The worst is when you get such a horrible pain that you feel likke you would die it hurts so bad but I know the pain is caused by gas trapped in the stomach. The pain lasts maybe 3o min but I usally get relief by taking alka seltzer.These pains are located in the middle part of my abdomen.Some milder pains that are brief and located just to the right of my belly button.Not sure if I answered all your questions. Your post disappeared after I started typing. I have almost every symptom listed for Celiac and have probably had this for 10-15 years without knowing why I felt so bad all the time.

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