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Biopsy Results

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Thanks guys. I just received and email from the dr. and to his credit, this is what he says:

"This is not the classic finding in celiac disease, but it certainly

could represent mild, early, or partially treated celiac disease. The

real test is how much better you do on the diet. Since you are feeling

definite improvement, I think you do have perhaps a mild form of

celiac disease."

So i guess you are right, for them to be confident, it needs to say something like total atrophy or it was totally obvious. But at least he came around to what we believe is common sense.

I'm happy for you that you got your official DX so there's no question in the future. I wonder if the Dr. reassessed his DX after you asked for the biopsy report?

Print off that email and add it to your file, along with your biopsy report.

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