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Insane Dizzy Spells 2-3 Days After Going Gluten Free

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Hey everyone. My name is Gord and this is my first post on this forum. three years ago I was stricken with H pylori and after getting treated I developed some real down and out fatigue which eventually led to me getting mild arthritis. I did a yeast free diet and that killed the pain in my calf muscles and lifted my fatigue although I was left with elbow wrist and shoulder joint pain. Had wackloads of tests done and even had an allergy panel done before the diet which said I was allergic to wheat. This is what led me to the yeast free diet because I was convinced I must have yeast issues and it was a good diet and I did it well. I kind of forget what my symptoms were but I did get worse before I got better. In the end I took minocycline and probiotics to treat the rest of my arthritis and had raving success. nothing short of a miracle in my eyes and I got my health back for the most part and went off the diet kept taking my minocycline 3 days a week at a low dose of 100 mg each time once a day three days a week. no reactions to the drug other than my arthritis dissappeared :) now 3 years later the pain in my calves has come back and I had a small flare of the shoulder elbow arthritis which I have quickly dealt with the minocycline. results were almost overnight which was shocking cuz it was slow to work the last time. (about 3-4 weeks before I felt improvement). however I am now convinced I have a gluten intolerance due to the presence of my clubbed nails which ive had for about 5 years with no given cause other than my uncle has had them his whole adult life as well (I am 25), the gastrointestinal symptoms, bloating, horrid gas, mild diarreah and just in general I can tell my stomach has felt way better in the past then it does now. it kinda creeped up on me. ok so now the whole story is kinda set forth thats the history. I am now day 3 going into day 4 of my gluten free diet and I know Im not glutening myself at all. Ive been extremely careful because Ive noticed foamy urine lately and that scares the s$#& outta me and enough is enough, no doctor is giving me answers just a dam antibiotic that works really well at keeping me in shape, which is vital due to my job on the fire dept. however now im having dizzy spells. like insanely dizzy. they only last 10 minutes at a time but they are more crippling then my arthritic symptoms which dont seem to damage my joints or cause noticable redness or inflammation. I can barely walk when the dizzy spells hit!! if someone could please explain what is happening with this I would be sooooooooo greatful. I just want my health back and trying to get that done is becoming a nightmare over these spells. I had like 6 dizzy spells today and even had one when I was driving. I had to pull over :( thanks

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Hi Gord, and welcome to the board.

Sounds like up till now you have never been tested for celiac and never actually eaten gluten free (correct me if I'm wrong). Before you get any further into the gluten free diet it is not too late to be tested for celiac disease (if you go any longer than a week gluten free you run the risk of a negative result when you could be positive because the antibodies start to disappear and your small intestine starts to heal.)

Your symptoms can certainly all be explained by gluten -- the GI symptoms, the joint pain, the dizzy spells (gluten has a neurological effect as well and dizziness from gluten is called gluten ataxia - most notable in poor balance when walking). I am not familiar with minocycline and what it is supposed to do so cannot comment on your previous treatment. Can you get your doctor to order a celiac panel for you and have the blood drawn right away, because I do think that celiac disease is something that should be ruled out (or in) right away. :)

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