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Schwan Gluten-Free Product Discussion

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So I have heard through the grape vine that Schwans was offering gluten-free products to customers. I googled this and found many reviews about their pizza, brownies, etc. I was excited to find this out as I have grown up on Schwans and ate a lot of their food until I had my son and am now a self diagnosed Celiac (my father has official diagnosis of Celiac for 10 years. I have been gluten-free for 3 years after becoming so ill that the lightest touch felt like needles, i had no strength to even walk up the stairs or take my clothes off, no reflex, no emotion, just pain and exhaustion. ) Since then, I have been motivated to inform, educate and question new comers to the gluten-free lifestyle and the companies that serve us (or could easily serve us). Below is my dialogue with a rep from schwans. Has anyone on here tried their product? opinions? suggestions? Petition to bring it back?

A Schwan's representative will be with you shortly. Please wait for a response before typing in the smaller window below.

Hello my name is Ardis. How may I help you?

Ardis: Hello. How may I help you today?

Visitor: Hi. What happened to the Gluten Free Products from Schwan?

Ardis: I apologize we have discontinued the gluten free products.

Visitor: why so?

Ardis: I apologize I do not know for sure, it is usually low sales or quality.

Visitor: From reviews in the online Celiac community, their food received HIGH reviews. It seemed like a good product that made your company unique. Word spreads VERY quickly in the gluten free world as many people resort to online communities for help. From what I have read, the product was very tasty and safe for consumers with high sensitivity. It does take a bit for word to circulate, but Schwans is losing the Celiac/gluten intolerance community quickly by not providing such product

Ardis: We understand this and we maybe be coming out with new products in the future.

Visitor: Also, there is a link to nutrition facts but not allergen facts.

Ardis: Correct - If you have specific allergen questions regarding any products, please contact us at 1-888-724-9267 and speak with an account specialist with Consumer Affairs as they handle all of the product inquiries. I will forward this to the marketing department for you.

Ardis: May I please have your email address so that I can access your account information?

Ardis: May I please ask whom I am chatting with today?

Visitor: I do not have an account set up with schwans. I grew up on Schwan products until I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I can not confidently order from this company unless the allergen list is disclosed in an easily accessible manner. Calling a representative is a lot harder than looking it up on the online site or a gluten-free book provided by the home representative.

Ardis: I apologize for any inconvenience, please contact us and speak with Consumer Affairs and they will be able to assist you and explain why everything is not listed as an allergen.

Visitor: Will do. Thank you

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Just curious, what did they tell you was the reason?

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