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Dna Testing Versus Cyrex Labs 12 Component Test

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Hi everyone. I am new to this forum but unfortunately not new to a 15 year battle with severe chronic illness. I have been diagnosed with lyme disease, fibromyalgia, cfs, autoimmune thyroid disease and severe adrenal insufficiency. Unfortunately no treatment i have done has worked thus far and my healtth has continued to decline over the years to a very low quality of life and functioning.

I have been blood tested for celiac about 5 times and that as well as my intestinal biopsy was negative. I know the connection between autoimmune disease and gluten however until I know for sure that I am gluten intolerant and that it is causing most of my symptoms, i am not going to immediately start on this very difficult and expensive life style change. (most days I am bedridden and not even able to boil eggs, let alone cook from scratch. Right now I am following mostly a paleo/ alkaline diet and have greatly reduced the amounts of gluten in my diet but I really have to make sure i am positive on blood tests before i totally go gluten free

My question is...i have recently found out that the traditional testing for celiac and gluten intolerance is often unreliable...my dr has suggested the cyrex labs 12 component test. However, another dr of mine (I see 2 holistic drs) mentioned that the dna test for gluten sensitivity is more accurate as i might not have enough gluten in my diet to have cyrex test pick it up.

Thanks for any info on which test is more accurate.

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Lyme disease can cause celiac and gluten intolerance. As you have discovered, it is possible to have a full blown case of gluten intolerance, yet be negative for all the traditional tests for it. But if you are waiting for yet another doctor to take more money out of your wallet with yet more tests while you search for a reason to try going completely gluten free, you can, alas, keep repeating this to infinity.

I don't know where people come up with this "very expensive and difficult" lifestyle stuff, when the other diseases you end up with (to the point of non functional) with untreated gluten intolerance are the expensive part.

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