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What Are The Night Shades And How Do You Do A Nightshade Test?

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Something is making me sick. Please tell me how to do a nightshade elimination test? Should I try corn or nightshades first? I need you ideas please.

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You should eliminate both corn and nightshades at the same time. And while you are at it you may as well eliminate soy and dairy. Nightshades are tomato, potato, peppers, and eggplant. If you are doing an eljmination diet it is better to start with a small number of foods and add foods rather than trying piecemeal remove one food at a time and guess if you got the right one. People often start with just 5 foods and eat only those 5 foods for 2 weeks or until they feel better. Then you add one food at a time and eat it for 3 days to a week. If you develop symptoms you get rid of that food and try another. It is better to add foods that you believe are ok, and save the ones you suspect for later. The idea is to build up a list of safe foods to eat.

If I was you I would stay off the nightshades for a month or two and then try them. Sometimes reactions can buildup over time and get worse if you continually eat a food that bothers you.

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