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Discussing Your Gluten Specific Symptoms

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Hello ladies and gents. Pleased to meet you all; this is exclusively my first post. You all seem to be quite knowledgable in this forum. May I summon your expertise? What were your symptoms; at the onset of your suspected gluten allergy? How long has it been since your diagnosis; and are you still having said symptoms?

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7 years with "fibromyalgia" severe and profound muscle weakness, migraines, weight gain, sores on arms and face that would burn and weep and oooze at night. Itced like crazy resulting in excoriations. Diarrhea, nausea, depression, anxiety. Well, found this site and got better by going gluten free immediately 2 years ago. Welcome! Good luck to you. You will get a wide variety of responses to this question as there are over 300 symptoms of celiac. Hey Doc! I don't have fibromyalgia or neurotic excoriation after all. I have Celiac disease. Doc says...yeah, I bet you do.... This after 7 years and 25 Dr.'s.

2 years gluten free and I don't have anything wrong with me except some residual flashbacks and PTSD from no Dr. listening to me all those years. But otherwise...healthy and happy. Muscles work and no headaches or rashes.

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Five years ago I was really rough.

High blood pressure

Blood pressure would plummet when I stood up.

Irritable and hopeless.

Weight 30 lbs of water.

Extreme constant fatigue/mind fogginess

Mysterious bloating.

Unexplained swelling, I was told was my imagination.

Shortness of breath.



Periods very heavy.

I could fall asleep between words on a spelling test.

I began a supplement program with help from a chiro. I improved my blood pressure, weight, and fatigue. I was much better and out of major threat. Still I had mysterious problems which would crop up.

Six months back with the help of my chiropractor, I decided to try gluten free. I did a classical gluten free diet for two months. After that I have been doing grain free. My mind has cleared and I have not been suffering from fatigue. I am starting to see how my symptoms are caused by gluten contact.

I did a genetic test and found I had 2 alleles for gluten intolerance and 2 for Celiac. Now, I am trying to get further testing for allergies and nutrient absorption.

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