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Testing Vs Elimination Diet

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Hey all

So, after having a violent reaction to a bowl of quinoa the other day, I got to thinking it might be time to take some drastic measures and actually figure out what other food intolerances I might have. Right now I'm gluten free (as much as humanly possible. I do get cc'd while eating out on occasion), dairy/casein free (I'm pretty sure its casein and not lactose), and soy free (cause it just really bothers me).

I also have trouble with eggs, some whole grains (brown rice does a number on me sometimes), the quinoa thing... I just feel like every time I get one food under control, something else pops up.

So. This means I have a few options, I suppose:

a. Do a systematic elimination diet on my own(probably for grains, nightshades, etc)

b. See a good allergist or naturopath and get some allergy/food sensitivity testing done. If I go to an allergist through my doctor, it will probably take a long time and might not result in anything. If I see a naturopath, it'll cost an arm and a leg in appointments and testing and will still mean I need to do an elimination diet.

c. Get referred to a good GI with some knowledge of Celiac and related issues (difficult to track down in Toronto), to check what's going on in my gut and figure it out that way. This will also take a very long time, but should mostly be covered under medicare (OHIP) except for possible tests. Then I'll still have to do an elimination diet anyway, though might have a better look at how my stomach is doing.

I want to get going on this, but don't want to dive into a bunch of testing that might be useless, but I also don't want to wait for months to see a GI.

Any suggestions? Experiences? Good GIs in Toronto?



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Honestly, from what I've seen here on the board...I wouldn't go the testing route.

If I started to lose foods, or didn't experience improvement, I'd try a gut healing diet like SCD. I believe scd relies on raw milk kefir but you can use water or coconut kefir.

It just seems to me that SCD or something like it helps people heal, then the systematic introductions of food help people Id what bothers them.

Just my $0.02.

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I had allergy testing done. No allergies but some OAS. I had the IgG testing done. Eliminated those foods and felt much better. But... It's hard to find someone to do the testing and it's very expensive. My insurance covered the allergy testing but not the IgG.

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