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Let Us Talk Sugar....

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I thought you guys might be able to help me.

I'm currently avoiding chocolate at the moment and would like to go back to my other favorite candy sugar on a stick type thing. However, after watching some how to vids on youtube, it has put me off of it quite a bit (let it sit there for two days? o.o).

Any other ideas for me?

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There is nothing other than gluten that I avoid 100%. I do avoid tyramine as much as is possible. My motto is everything in moderation.

Do you mean rock candy? Where you just boil sugar and water and put it in a jar, add a stick and put it on a counter? There really isn't any reason this isn't safe. I mean you're boiling it so there won't be any little germs left in there alive. But if you're really uncomfortable with it you could just buy rock candy. Of course, it was probably made exactly the same way only you didn't have to see it. :P

I like to pick up honey sticks at my local health food store. They have them in a ton of flavors and just one is more than enough to satisfy my sweet tooth. They also have little taffy like honey candies that are really great. I know it's the end of summer, but I also make my own popsicles.

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