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Sea Tangle Kelp Noodles

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I got some Sea Tangle kelp noodles. I brought them home and stuck them away. Even I hoped that I wouldn't see them at the table very soon.

One day I made some up for me. I looked away from my plate as I considered eating it. Finally, I took a bite. It tasted good! Two of my children took some and said they wanted some of the leftovers tomorrow.

The taste was great, but the texture was crunchy rather than noodle like. But the other day I kept some warm leftovers in my car oven for hours. When I went to eat them, they were soft like noodles!

It is likely I made a mistake that caused the crunchy texture. It says to rinse them in cold water before cooking, but I have failed to do that yet. I am thinking perhaps next time I will get that soft noodle like texture if I cook them properly.

Meanwhile, my family likes them and I am happy!

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