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Scott Adams

Sex Or Bread - Which Would You Choose? - Hive Health Media (Blog)

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Sex or Bread - Which Would YOU Choose?

Hive Health Media (blog)

For many people (both confirmed with Celiac Disease as well as NCGS) eating even a small amount of gluten means bloating, cramps, and diarrhea… just to name 3 common symptoms that would get even Hugh Hefner out of the mood. Yet you'll still hear ...

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That's a pretty easy question to answer!!! LOL. Interestingly, the article mentions that there are people who know they have an issue with food, for us it's gluten, and yet they will eat the food with a comment similar to, "I'm going to pay for eating this." That's just a situation I cannot imagine putting myself into. I crave so many wonderful foods and have now been gluten-free only 7 weeks. I got glutened and know full well how painful and uncomfortable it can be. There's not a food on the planet worth feeling like that for. I feel for those who give in to that urge instead of remembering just how bad that payback is going to be. Even for people who feel no symptoms but are celiac, the damage still gets done.

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