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Need Help With Sibo In Kids--Input?

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These are all low in fermentable carbs, but limit amounts to see what is tolerated (for us, 2 tortillas, two biscuits, one sandwich round) and don't load up on lots of baked goods in a day  I try to limit it to one baked good per day  

Tortilla/ flat bread:  http://comfybelly.com/2013/04/tortillas-and-a-book-giveaway/#.WScABoFOmEc

Sandwich Rounds (good with peanut butter): http://comfybelly.com/2013/08/sandwich-rounds-using-almond-flour/#.WScAm4FOmEc

Biscuit (these are amazing. Make them sweet and serve with strawberries and coconut cream, savory and make sausage sandwiches, etc):


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Oh wow!  I haven't been here in days because I have been POURING over the most recent SIBO literature! 

Have you heard of Dr Nemechek?  https://www.nemechekconsultativemedicine.com/

His approach is very simple and essentially you STOP using probiotics and start taking Inulin.  It is all very fascinating and falling in with what we are seeing with our daughter.

In a nutshell he says that the bacteria that has overpopulated is "damaging" the system (second brain).  That they are meant to stay in the colon but start to grow out (for multiple reasons) and expand into areas of the intestines that should be populated by other area specific bacteria.  They slowly take over and expand out further. 

Probiotics feed EVERYTHING and make the SIBO worse and Antibiotics kills EVERYTHING and does nothing to solve the problem either.  There is one antibiotic - Rifaximin that stays in the colon and does not permeate its walls.  Other than that he suggests that you FEED the good bacteria and allow them to thrive and naturally win back the territory.  Inulin is the food that they eat and taking Inulin (Chickory root fibre) will nourish the healthy bacteria. 

3 months ago we stripped away Gluten and dairy and saw HUGE results and then lost them.  We also introduced a very high quality multi-strain probiotic.  Dr Nemechek says that the fact that some people see gains when they go gluten-free/DF because they essentially "starve" the bad bacteria and there is a bit of a dying off.  But it is not fixing the core issue and often you can see food intolerances and symtoms worsen even though you are still gluten-free/DF.  This is EXACTLY the dynamic we are seeing with our daughter.  She is eating AIR but is still in pain and now her Sensory issues seem worse than ever (thanks to the probiotic maybe)?

He also says that the healthy bacteria secrete an acidic compound that kills off the bad bacteria which also explains why some people feel better when they consume ACV.

I find the entire thing fascinating!


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I am curious whether anyone doing the sibo diet has tried this guide: www.siboinfo.com then click on the sibo specific food guide. Eating the green and yellow only but trying to eat only eat green is best.  Also, I’ve heard it you max out on the food that is restricted you can only eat that one limited food (ex:only eat 1/4 lentils, you can’t add the 1/2 cup of broccoli to that meal or you will end up with bloating, etc).

my naturopath recommended that guide. I did it for a month and a half (I was supposed to continue for another month and a half and am now starting over). I experienced amazing results: no more bloating, so much more energy, etc. I was taking supplements (which I’m not sure a kids can take) as well. This webpage is definitely different than the books I’ve gotten which are low-fodmap and sibo and I feel that for me it made a bigger impact. After I stopped the diet (and ate lots of food not on the diet) it took a month before symptoms started coming back. 

I am also curious as to whether any kids with sibo experience eye pain and redness. My son is 5 and has bad eye pain but the eye doctor said nothing is wrong with his eyes. He has some symptoms of sibo as well (although I haven’t had him take the sibo breath test). He also has multi-colored bowel movementswith undigested food. Half will be yellowish and the other half brown with a very visible line that divides the 2 colors. I had stomach problems for several years before he was born and am wondering if I somehow gave him sibo during pregnancy. 

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My daughter had itchy eyes and redness from SIBO.  We learned about her SIBO at the same time that I stumbled across the Nemechek Protocol for SIBO and it made such sense that we went straight to his protocol to resolve SIBO (which has no food restrictions or special diets) - so while I can't give you feedback on the diets I can tell you that the Nemechek protocol worked wonderfully for us :)

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