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  1. Thank you, Knitty Kitty!! I am going to have a lot of reading to do this weekend! And I definitely will. It sounds like your experiences are pretty similar to mine, so I'm very interested in the thiamine. I have also had some swallowing problems for years (its hard to swallow liquids, but not...
  2. Thank you Claire Grace for the information. I will definitely look at the website. I did have a spinal injury many years ago. This is all so complicated.
  3. Thank you, cyclinglady, for the comments. It sounds like we have a lot in common (except for the Hashimoto's). It certainly helps to know there are other people in the world who are experiencing similar things. When I get sick, it feels so bad that I start to think maybe there's something else...
  4. I've had digestive problems most of my adult life (71 now), and have known for years that wheat was a problem, but I just lived with it because the various doctors over the years didn't test for celiac. My gallbladder was removed 9 years ago (it didn't stop the abdominal pain, which wasn't very...