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  1. Pikakegirl - good luck with your cardiologist appointment. It's really amazing that we have to push so hard to get answers...
  2. I do appreciate your clarification, although I will say that if your POTS can be fixed by a tablespoon of soy sauce,...
  3. Not asking for advice. I've done thousands of hours of research on health in general - hundreds and hundreds in dysautonomia...
  4. Looks like I haven't been on here for about 4 years...hoping the next chapter in my story will help someone along the...
  5. This made me SO irritated!! The doctor asked her how often she poops (1/day), how much it hurts (3/10) and palated her...
  6. So, I stopped all of the supplements and remedies after having severe numbness in the right side of my body for days...
  7. Are any of you familiar with and/or trying the Wahls protocol? Dr. Wahls is an MD with MS that is treating herself...
  8. Why did your doc say to go gluten free? "doctor, it hurts when I do this!" "don't do that."
  9. thleensd

    What Do You Do At A Wedding?

    I don't trust anything at an event like that. Eat before you go. Being food. Ask if you can have a clean plate and eat...
  10. It's pretty common for your hormones to get messed up. How old are you?
  11. I've enjoyed reading all of your thoughts. Some really weird shifts happening in my body now... Some good, some not so...
  12. Hey Irish! Nice to hear from you. Glad to hear you're doing a bit better. Yeah, I've read all of that about the...
  13. thleensd

    Gluten Dinner Party

    SO sorry to hear this. He has NO IDEA how horrible he is being. ...look into separate kitchens (whatever that means...
  14. thleensd

    Hairdressers Anyone?

    Some hairsprays DO contain gluten. As do other styling products. I've been going to the same stylist for years...and...
  15. thleensd

    Pressure Hives Now? Can't Take Much More

    Pressure urticaria is a real thing! But.... as your body heals, it may lessen as well. Inappropriate histamine responses...