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  1. This message from Health Canada did not provide a convincing argument. There were no references. There are a significant number of references that say it isn't safe. I think you know that there has never been an exhaustive, long-term, dual blind study on the safety of glyphosate because nobody who is free of Conflicts of Interest, will finance it. However, if there is in fact such a study now, then you should post it here.
  2. Don't find much merit in this idea. Humans weren't designed to eat grasses. Besides, in America, hybridized dwarf wheat is often sprayed with glyphosate to cure it for harvesting, so this crap can't possibly be made safe to eat anyway.
  3. Welcome to the Black Hole of allopathic medicine. Prozac is infamous for turning guys into "its". Why? Like most Big Pharma solutions, it is incompatible with the body's chemistry. If you think you are getting depressed, I suggest you find a doc who knows how to do comprehensive thyroid testing (preferably the full TSH/FT3/FT4/rT3/TPOAb/TGAb panel). Docs invariably "forget" that it's pretty much impossible to be depressed if your thyroid system is functioning well. They also forget that our industrial society and bad foods are poisoning thyroid glands everywhere.
  4. The enterolab test corroborated what I already knew, in my case. So why are you so concerned about tests? Why don't you just have her go gluten free and see what happens to symptoms? BTW, my dairy sensitivity went away after I had been gluten-free for several years.
  5. Low heart rate and lethargy could be hypothyroidism. Ever had a full thyroid panel (TSH,FT3,FT4,rT3,TPO antibodies,TG antibodies)? If gluten destroys gut integrity, autoimmunity follows. Possibly thyroid autoimmunity.
  6. Gluten sensitivity affects a much larger proportion of the population than the official 1:133 celiac figure. You are doing exactly the right thing by kicking gluten out of your life.
  7. .... (continued) the celiac.com website is buggy. To continue: if you have access to medical lab testing, the Tissue Transglutaminase and Gliadin Antibody tests should be able to tell you if you have celiac. In light of the anxiety, depression, and brain fog symptoms, a full thyroid panel seems appropriate now to determine if thyroid is the cause of your mental symptoms.
  8. I can't know what the cause of your anxiety, depression, and brain fog really is. However, you should know that all of those symptoms are classic hypothyroid symptoms. Gluten can cause gut destruction (called enteropathy or "leaky gut"), leading to autoimmunity directed (usually) at your endocrine system. The most common type of endocrine autoimmunity is Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroiditis. I had Hashi's, and from the time I went off gluten, it took 18 months for my TPO antibodies test to fall back to zero. So, expecting to feel better after only one week off gluten, is very unrealistic. Think in terms of months. If you have access to medica
  9. Don't let celiac ruin your most productive years like it ruined mine! Get tested!! Gluten rips up the gut, causing enteropathy/"leaky gut" that provokes autoimmunity. When you mention your mom's low T4 and your anxiety/depression/brain fog/etc., all I can think is "Hashimoto's"! Which is followed by hypothyroidism, eventually. In addition to the standard celiac tests like GAb and TTG, your entire family should have comprehensive thyroid testing that includes TSH,FT3,FT4,rT3,TPOAb,TGAb. The *Ab antibody tests will show you whether you are a Hashimoto's family (and don't believe the antibody threshold, any level of antibodies is dangerous). Your other alternative to nailing down diagnosis is specialized fecal testing that can tell you that your digestive process has gone off the tracks; it is offered by enterolab.com and others.
  10. I had full-blown silent celiac. What I found was that the gluten enteropathy made me dairy intolerant. Once I had been off gluten a long time and fixed my nutritional and endocrine problems, dairy was no longer a problem. However I now use only cultured dairy, e.g. Kefir. I don't think your current problem is due to gluten "withdrawal". How long for healing? If you truly have non-celiac gluten sensitivity, months ... Maybe a year. If you have celiac, many years ... took me 9 years after getting off gluten. But some of that was due to doctor ignorance. The anxiety thing bothers me. One classic result of gluten poisoning is Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis. Hashis and hypothyroidism will cause panic/anxiety. Do you have access to lab testing? If so, a full thyroid panel TSH FT3 FT4 rT3 TPOAb TGAb should be done. TSH isn't too important, FT3 is what matters the most.
  11. Since you have had testing and symptoms subsided when you went off gluten, why do you have to bother with biopsy?
  12. Don't trust an answer of "normal" from an MD. Get copies of all your tests and get a book like the Lavalle book that explains what they mean. I have no use for psychotherapists; none of them understand the biology of health problems, and the effect of health on brain function. I can understand your impatience; from the time I got my gluten diagnosis, it took 9 years of experimentation to get rid of nutritional problems, get hormones fixed, and get enteropathy/leaky gut healed. I'm also in Colorado ... if your endocannabinoid system is out of whack, a low dose of MMJ can provide you respites from feeling like hell ... Just what the doctor DIDN'T (and WON'T) order!
  13. TSH is not sufficient to diagnose thyroid. Your doctor is ignorant. Find a doc who does all these tests and knows what they mean: TSH FT3 FT4 rT3 TPOab TGab.
  14. Have you had hormone levels analyzed? Esp., your thyroid, by a doctor who does all of the relevant tests?
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