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  1. Hi Sarah, and welcome to the forum! You have come to the right place for information and friendly support! Hopefully...
  2. shadowicewolf gave you good advice. The IgG will be accurate and would be the only way to tell you if you do have celiac...
  3. Welcome to the forum, nosy parker. Your doc should do some more blood testing...you need to get the TtG IgG, Deamidated...
  4. beachbirdie

    Food Intolerences After Diagnosis

    Yes, it is normal to have other intolerances (though not everyone has them). Some of them might go away after you have...
  5. You are a great blessing to your precious mother! I am very happy for you, you have done a wonderful thing for her!...
  6. It's not as common to be diagnosed with celiac if only the Ttg IgG is positive. Especially with negative biopsy. Your...
  7. As Gemini said, make sure your daughter gets tested thoroughly for thyroid. This should include the anti-Thyroid Peroxidase...
  8. I don't want you to be frightened but since you asked the immunoelectrophoresis is used to look for a number of conditions...
  9. I am so glad your mom has made herself available to help you! That is a great comfort!
  10. I think "they" say that a slice or two of bread, or a good serving of crackers a day would be sufficient. I know...
  11. Please do not stop eating gluten until all your testing is done! If you stop eating before an endoscopy, you will start...
  12. beachbirdie

    The Paleo Diet?!

    I have completely given up grains, and it wasn't until I did so that I started to feel really good. A nice side effect...
  13. beachbirdie

    Cooking With A Pressure Cooker

    I use a pressure cooker and have for many, many years. One of the best places to read about them and gain confidence...
  14. I hope you are recovering well and on your way to getting some good, solid answers!
  15. beachbirdie

    High Ttg Levels But No Symptoms In 3.5 Year Old

    Which TtG is elevated, IgA or IgG? Have the doctors considered inflammatory conditions outside of celiac? Sometimes...