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  1. As Gemini said, make sure your daughter gets tested thoroughly for thyroid. This should include the anti-Thyroid Peroxidase (anti-TPO antibodies) and the anti-Thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAb), in addition to the TSH, FREE T3 and FREE T4. Total T4 and Total T3 are useless without the "Frees". ...
  2. Maybe an ice cream cake decorated like a baked one? How old is your grandson? Which mixes have you tried? Sorry this is slightly OT but what an amazing mom, bartfull! Sweet!
  3. You can set up a free photo storage account at a place like photobucket or flickr. You then upload the pictures to your account, and after they are stored you can capture a link suitable for posting into a message here. You can make an entire album public for sharing, or individual pictures.
  4. Holey moley. I never went to read about the dapsone before, I can see why most wouldn't want to take it. That is some dangerous stuff. I wouldn't take it either. You've also explained why, though my rash is fading, it is NOT gone. I'm only 6 weeks gluten free. I guess I expected an instant...
  5. This is a great thread, and you all have done a great job with your pictures. It is so helpful to compare notes on this, word descriptions just don't convey the idea as well as pictures. It can be difficult to distinguish between dishydrotic eczema and DH. I had a conversation with a doctor...
  6. I don't know anything about major store brands, but I get some from Applegate Farms that are gluten-free/casein-free. You can look at them here. They are not cheap. i don't know how widely they are distributed...a Whole Foods type market might have them.
  7. Hi, Seattle-ites! I was in Spokane for a long time, now just south of you across the Oregon border. DH travels to Seattle area a lot. Beautiful up there. Lots of wonderful people here, glad you found us!
  8. I read where you described not losing weight and feeling swollen. You wanted to know about an article on obesity and celiac. I read that article and it was no help to me. I have been gluten-free for 5 months and have not lost an ounce! I am 50lbs over weight and am not losing weight. I think we are in the same boat...

  9. LOL, great idea. Here is another "thank you" post. I have met a couple of people recently who just got diagnosed with celiac, I have sent them right to the "newbie 101" topic because it is so wonderful for helping new folks get started on the diet. A friend of my daughter's mother-in-law...
  10. You guessed correctly. The TtG IgA is not sufficient. They should at least have run a total serum IgA along with your TtG. You might be one of the percentage who are IgA deficient, rendering your test useless. You should get a full celiac panel: TtG IgA (if you turn out to be IgA deficient...
  11. Another thing to think about is xanthan gum. A lot of people develop allergy/sensitivity to xanthan gum after a certain time of exposure, and it can make you feel sick, even make you feel like you might have been "glutened". Xanthan gum is used in most commercial gluten-free foods and mixes...
  12. How about Sjogren's Syndrome? That can cause white matter lesions, dry eyes/mucous membranes, rashes, hair loss, central nervous system problems (numbness/tingling). Sjogren's is an autoimmune condition, like celiac. Oh...funny thing... Sjogren's is often associated with celiac! Sorry your...
  13. Yes. They should have done a Total Serum IgA. One test does not alone a diagnosis make. What symptoms are you having?