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  1. Does anyone know if Meijer frozen chicken tenderloins/breasts are gluten free? It is raw meat so I'm thinking yes except for the fact that it contains 15% chicken broth. It just hit me that I should check this out.....
  2. Hello. My daughter and I are already finding it difficult to have the treat of eating somewhere when we are out. (I'm not strictly gluten free until after my biopsy this week, but I am doing this while I am out and about for her sake and for practice!). Anyway, it's not that we want to eat out all the time, but we would just like to have that option sometimes. She is really noticing a problem when she is out with friends. She went to IKEA where they said they had some gluten free dinner options, and she got a bad stomach ache afterwards. She really feels it was from eating there. She had said the woman who served her seemed really knowledgeable so she trusted it. Does anyone have any suggestions for a teen who would just like to have that treat once in a while with friends? She did find that Five Guys has fries that she can enjoy once in a while when she is out. They cook them separate in a fryer, and there isn't gluten in them. So at least she has one place so far for a small treat. She also had a plain salad at Applebee's that didn't give her any problems, but sometimes she just doesn't want a salad. Any ideas of places that you would consider pretty safe? Especially for a lunch out?
  3. Bree J, you mention trauma...Looking back about two years ago I had abdomen pain and bloating with weight gain, most likely from the bloat. I had a lump in my belly button-long story short it was thought to be a cyst or hernia. I had a CT scan, vaginal ultrasound, and colonoscopy, all of which turned up normal. I ended up opting for surgery to remove the "cyst" only to find out I not only had a hernia but endometriosis that attached to my belly button, which felt like a cyst. What makes me think of this is that my surgeon told me that my symptoms were not from the hernia. I always wondered what could have caused it and now I am wondering if it was celiac. I would've done anything back then for relief. I ended up in physical therapy, which saved me! I wonder if this can happen sometimes where it can possibly flare up and then be okay for a while?
  4. The GI doc that I really wanted I couldn't get in to until August. I was able to make an appointment this week with one who does have experience with celiac so hopefully I can start getting the ball rolling on what else I need to do. The doctor I originally asked for the blood test from is just my regular physician, and I felt more comfortable going to GI for this. So hopefully I get some answers. My daughter will most likely stay on the gluten free diet. She claims she already thinks it is helping her.
  5. Hello. I am waiting to get in to see GI. I went off gluten for two days only and then decided I wanted a proper diagnosis (own reasons) so decided to go back on gluten until this is all said and done. My question is, is eating a handful of wheat crackers every day up until possible testing adequate to keep enough gluten in me? I am cooking gluten free dinners for my daughter right now since she is supposed to try it for two weeks and then reintroduce gluten. I hate to have to cook separate meals. I was eating wheat crackers with tuna for my lunches for now (decent amount ) and will do bread once in a while as well. Good enough?
  6. Thanks for your response. I guess I want to make sure that it isn't something else. As much as it will be an inconvenience to go gluten free I will accept it once I can rule out other things or hear from the GI specialist first hand that it is celiac. My husband isn't too supportive with the whole thing. I know it's because he won't research anything. If I have it it's going to be hard, because he doesn't get why you can't "splurge" once in a while. I want him to go with me to any procedure so that the doctor can explain it to him really well if I have it. It would make life much easier for me if so, and if he truly understood:) Bree J, you have symptoms then? The only one I really notice is anxiety and some acid reflux. The only reason I got tested is because my daughter tested positive for it, but it was a weak positive. When I took her to GI they said they don't consider those numbers to be high. She is trying gluten free for a few weeks and then going to reintroduce gluten to see if there is an intolerance there. I just think I can accept it better if I go to GI and get an opinion there-just me, but I think I will feel better doing that. Thanks so much for your response!
  7. Thanks for your input. I have felt an unease and more anxiety since my doctor called to tell me about the results. I don't want to have restrictions on my diet if I don't need them. I called to ask for a referral to GI this morning. I'm going to start eating gluten again until I talk with a specialist and get his/her opinion on what to do next. You're right-it's my health, and I have to do what I feel is right for me. I won't be at ease with this until I get a proper diagnosis. If I find out I truly am celiac I will have to accept that and adopt the diet. Thanks so much. Your information was helpful.
  8. Do you think I should come out and ask my doctor for an endoscopy? Can my results be higher numbers like above and me not have it? I have only been gluten free since Friday, but I almost feel like I'm having withdrawals or something. I think I'm making it too hard. It's overwhelming how gluten is in so much that you don't think about!
  9. Hello. I am new to this. I just wanted some advice on my results since my doctor put me on a gluten free diet for it and will then reassess. I am not having symptoms other than anxiety. Here they are: GLIADIGA 93 Range -<20 GLIADIGG 66 Range-<20 IGA 184 Range 70-400 TTG 102 Range -<20 TTGG 3 Range -<20