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    Hi, just diagnosed 3 months ago. My wife and I ate at Matzaluna I had chicken Parm. it was good but they don't use bread crumbs. Island cow for breakfast eggs bacon and fruit. We also ate a cheeseburger cheeseburger, they have Gluten free hamburger rolls. All 3 are on Sanibel. No ill effect for me. Of course, I made sure my server understood the importance of my food preparation. We stayed away from Captiva for Dining because they did't seem to have gluten-free menus. My wife called the Mucky Duck but they didn't sound to confident that they could accomidate me, so we passed. It was a shame, we married on the beach in Captiva years ago and she wanted to eat there. Other nights we ate in CapeCoral and FT Meyers. Outback had the best steak and understood the severity of my disease. We ate our breakfast and lunches in the condo except for the one breakfast at the Island Cow. Good Luck, hope this helps!