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    Friends & family, cooking food, health & workout, skateboard & snowboard, learning new traits and developing skills in new exciting fields.

    Got a strong passion to produce/score/write music as well as perform live as a DJ in clubs and at festivals.
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  1. Hello fellow celiacs. After reading many questions regarding this probiotic, I decided...
  2. Yeah, eating without digestive enzymes is next to impossible. Need at least 1-2 each meal...
  3. I am a member of consumer labs. They test every product to make sure us consumer have a...
  4. Good catch. Let's hope that is a sign that they figured it out.
  5. Yeah. If the stomach isn't fully healed then breaking down certain foods will be impossible...
  6. I had the same, and it was related to foods, but also heat. As soon as I lay down under...
  7. 5 years ago I had neurological issues, due to gluten ataxia. I had massive loss of cognitive...
  8. Go get a second opinion, or even better go to the pharmacy. Buy one of the xylose breath...
  9. Hey guys. I'll try to keep it short. I recently had tests done in Denmark and found...
  10. Keep searching till you find a good doctor. I'm 4.5 years in now of dealing with hospitals...
  11. They have tests to find out if you are allergic, intolerant or have full blown celiac disease...
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