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Diagnosed by biopsy 20 plus years ago.

Participated in research leading to blood tests.

  1. I went to Las Vegas, NV U.S.A. We walked up to a hostess and mentioned gluten free. She asked if I have Celiac. Then she actually took me to the kitchen window to observe how they handle the meat and keep the entire kitchen separated with spices that are gluten free never touched by anyone who also...
  2. I remember taking hours and hours in the store reading only to walk out without anything but toilet paper and paper towels. It's best to shop around the outside of the store at first. Purchase only the fresh/frozen fruit/veggies and fresh meat. Take a journey of adventure down one of those other...
  3. The "a last-ditch effort treatment" comment seems totally inappropriate to me! A gluten free diet is the proper treatment for Celiac. Perhaps he does this to emphasize the critical nature of a diet as a cure. There are so many people these days who think it is a fad! Just eat gluten free! I was...
  4. Is your kitchen gluten free? When I was first diagnosed nearly 20 years ago, my family wanted to remain gluten-filled. I kept getting sick over and over. And as I healed, I got even sicker from the smallest amounts of gluten. We have a gluten free kitchen now. I can only speak for myself but the...
  5. The other thing is comfort foods when one has a cold or flu. Please explain why the gluten-free chicken soup in the can has to be filled with spices and hot sauces? (because when I am too sick I don't have strength to make it from scratch). I lose nearly 10 pounds anytime that I catch cold.
  6. Ravioli!!!! I'd die for a gluten-free ravioli. (Only kidding....I could actually make them myself except that I have serious muscle, bone and nerve damage from poor understanding of this disease decades ago when I was Finally diagnosed at the brink of death.
  7. My biggest frustration is restaurants that have a caveat at the bottom of the menu, "We can not be held responsible for 'normal' cross contamination that occurs during the preparation of foods in the kitchen". If raw chicken can be kept from contaminating everything else, so can gluten free. Also...