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  1. Whoa that is really interesting! I will have to do that at home test and see what happens...thanks for sharing!
  2. Annnddd negative. Sigh. All they found was acid reflux...which goes away for me as soon as I eliminate grains. I guess I am just one of those with a sensitive gut and a hypochondriac mind.
  3. Today marks one week since the endoscopy. I am having hard time getting all the junk back out of my diet after my 6 week binge I had (EEK). I know I will feel so much better once I am a few weeks into my gluten and grain free and overall healthier diet again though that is for sure! Still no call with results and I keep checking my online health portal in case something magically appears there. I had gotten my colonoscopy results back in under a week....maybe this takes longer though? No clue. Just wanted to update as I know I got annoyed when I would be following people's testing here and they never came back to report results and such haha!
  4. Well got the scope done this morning. Everything looked structurally normal per the doctor. Have the sinking feeling I am going to end up in the no answers club where the doc just says “oh it’s just a sensitivity”. I don’t know why that frustrates me-but it does. It makes me feel neurotic and that people think I am lying ya know?! I know the numbness in my fingertips, fatigue, bloat, gas, and out of control hunger that has come along with this gluten challenge are very real symptoms to me! My throat is sore and the nurse who did my IV sucked....but other than that I was in and out of there in under 2 hours total from prep to release!
  5. Ha! I am hoping mine have the courtesy to follow up with me if all comes back negative! Doctors don't seem to realize that just because tests come back negative that you may still have so many unanswered questions! Glad your daughter started listening to her body~I hope to do the same! How silly I am, I have totally taken lysine in the past and keep it in cupboard if I feel an external cold sore coming on! Never thought to take it for ones inside my mouth!
  6. Yeah I am really trying to come to terms with if they find nothing wrong....I know I feel better without gluten and most grains in my diet! I know sensitivity is a real thing but it just seems like it would be something more with all the symptoms I endure. Frustrating.
  7. Thanks...well colonoscopy came back normal so that is good. Frustrated though as was kind of hoping for answers even from that even though I know typically they won't find celiac from that. Fingertips are still numbish...almost bruised feeling. Stomach is starting to play up more. My gluten/sugar cravings are insane. Skin is breaking out because of the increase in junk! Feet started aching the past couple of days. Noisy stomach continues. Heartburn is back. One more week until I can get back off the gluten!!!
  8. This was super interesting! I have never seen this in regards to gut issues. Thank you for sharing. Something I will be more conscious of adding to my diet!
  9. Nope they didn't want to put me through both at same time (there is no prep but fasting the night before for endoscopy), also they wanted me eating gluten longer before the endoscopy as I had been off it for over 3 months. So I go for the endoscopy on May 2nd The functional med doctor said traditional medicine won't diagnose until you HAVE something where functional medicine is more about preventing things they see coming on based off a thorough health history (I believe I completed like 20 pages of info!). So she was seeing signs of me heading towards Hashimoto's and that it was being fed by adrenal fatigue versus my thyroid having any current diagnoseable problems, if that makes sense....many see functional medicine as more holistic/new age type doctors as they are very much about prevention and diet based cures. She was not my full time doctor but just someone I went to a couple visits with to get other opinions about all my ailments! Inflammation has definitely ramped up now and I am feeling lots of aches and weirdness in my finger tips, like the pads of my finger tips ache! So strange. If I don't end up with full on celiac diagnosis I do know my sensitivity is intense! I also have at least 4 canker sores currently. Thanks all for the replies!
  10. Well I am back after continued grain issues....not just gluten but pretty much ALL grains I have found irritate me. Corn is tolerable it seems in small doses. I am one of those that has been on the warpath for answers I would say on and off for over 15 years. Blood tests have been negative. I have IBS say the doctors. Met with a functional medicine doctor at the start of this year as I decided THIS would be the year I get answers. She suspects Hashimotos but Adrenal fed as opposed to thyroid. Also mentioned I may have fatty liver. Blood tests only showed low Vitamin D this year. I have had anemia show in the past. As soon as grains are in my diet I BLOAT, have unpredictable D issues with my IBS C/D, and heartburn. As soon as I took grains out of diet the heartburn disappears within days (I am talking I can have red wine, onions, peppers and have NO issues with heartburn-but as soon as grains are in the mix- WHAM pass me the tums!). So I went without grains from January to start of April. Bowels were finally normal and predictable and heart burn gone. Gastro doc ordered colonoscopy and endoscopy and for me to start on the gluten train. The bloat that happened day 2 was insane and uncomfortable. My lethargy is back. Heartburn hasn't kicked in yet thankfully....stomach issues have just started to get unpredictable again. Hands feel swollen. A couple sores inside mouth. Colonoscopy only showed one tiny polyp and diverticulosis. Still waiting on biopsy. Just wanted to post here as I bide my time....I know if it is "just a sensitivity" I will at least have had all the tests possible at this time to rule out celiac. My 23andme came back increased celiac and my raw data had celiac, crohns, colon cancer all as traits I carry.....so maybe I am being paranoid. I call it being proactive
  11. I didn't even see a GI I saw the nurse practitioner at the GI office. So I just got results over the phone and that was that. I do a follow up with my primary doctor tomorrow though to check on status of my lexapro they put me on for anxiety so will bring up to her, I also will ask for a print out of my lab results! I plan to follow the no gluten as even my husband said how much better I was without it! Luckily I don't travel a lot or anything like that so bringing my own food places won't be an issue.    and thank you so much for the reply :)
  12. Nurse from the GI doctor's office called back and I was negative for celiac disease. Although a little discouraged I know that the month and a half I was off of gluten and how drastically improved I felt that I need to adopt the gluten-free lifestyle. It surely isn't going to hurt me! I will continue to visit here for ideas and inspiration and to document my journey gluten free as an IBS sufferer (and gluten sensitive individual!).
  13. Yup was just going to say stick it in a bag! Those things are awesome. Also really dig around from front and back to make sure all bags of goodies are out of the turkey (says the girl who left a bag of stuff in it my first year cooking one!).
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