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  1. Courtney33

    Eating At A Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurant dining and the staff knowledge is frustrating. I already know that they know nothing, lol. They think they do - but they don't. They think that if they aren't dumping flour on it, then it must be gluten free. I have a couple places in town that I eat, and get the same thing. About the Chinese food, I order a special plate of veggie fried rice and veggie only chop suey, and not eat from the buffet. Happy to report that this worked. I get gluten free pizza at a national chain, and they too are careful with having a separate cutting board and knife. The owner had previously checked into each ingredient to be sure, ie: the black olives were safe in a non-grain vinegar. The resort I work at, they have dropped their guard in being strict about contamination due to the gluten free guests that were not Celiac, just choosing gluten free. So we would be careful about breakfast, make a special lunch, then they are scarfing down the breaded chicken at dinner. Plus there is a high turnover of staff, so that learning curve starts all over again. Even me being Celiac, it took a while, especially while in denial mode, to learn it all.
  2. My sister and I are both Celiac. We had differing symptoms. Her stomach got way worse than mine. Have you noticed that often products will be gluten free, soy free and dairy free? This is because for some unknown reason, that there is a connection between those three. Presumably, the gluten has ruined the intestines to the point that soy and dairy are hard to digest or process. So I'm thinking that perhaps that gluten exposure temporarily aggravated your dairy tolerance. My sister had to eliminate dairy and soy, after 5 years she can happily add dairy again, but soy is evil - google it, especially soy and stomach enzymes, yikes!
  3. I hear ya, I too have wondered the same thing. We are lucky in that our bodies always try to default back to its healthy normal. I tell myself that because I no longer cause inflammation from gluten, that I have no diverted any autoimmune disorders that were heading my way. I tell myself that because of being celiac, that I eat way better than anyone around me, and this gives me a gold star. Sure I eat half a gluten free chocolate cake in one sitting - but that is still better than whatever those non-celiacs are eating. Consider that osteoporosis is caused by gluten, we have stopped the progress of that now. Bodies can have heavy metal poisoning, years of chemical exposure, and still recover, because bodies like to recover, are programmed to recover. I tell myself, and my kids as I got them all genetically tested too, and yes, I was kind enough to pass on the Celiac genes, that having this knowledge has saved major health concerns in the future. My children do not feel major symptoms at the moment, at least none that they are willing to called Celiac (because then they would have to eat like me), but they have the information and will know what to do when the times, and not think that they are crazy, like my doctor tried to do to me 30 years ago.
  4. If memory serves, I think psoriasis can cause those ridges, and psoriasis can be a symptom or offshoot of Celiac. I've had psoriasis for years! and some ridges, but discovered by accident/divine intervention, that carpets caused my psoriasis.
  5. My one misconception? I think it would be that I am just following some fad. I work in a resort and get lots of people stating they need gluten free meals, so me being the 'expert', gets to read labels and make suggestions. Then these same people will eat the breaded chicken! I also have my suggestions put aside because the cooks read the label, which doesn't list gluten or wheat, and decide this is safe for the gluten-free guests. They put the gluten-free bread in the regular toaster, use margerine, use regular salad dressings (ya know, the cheap bulk stuff), and etc. So now, so I don't look like a fad follower, I state that I am gluten free because I am Celiac, and I have the DNA results to prove it! (23andme - wish I had that done 3 decades ago!)
  6. My feet used to swell up too. Impossible to sleep. Started using compression stockings and that helped. Off that job for half year, meanwhile getting 100% gluten free. Back on my feet again all day and 2 weeks later notice my feet are not swelling or heating up like before. So yes, there is a connection.
  7. You sound like my sister. Basically her stomach was fried from the gluten. Taking zantac helped to get the healing started. So it was no gluten. Improvement. After much trial and error it was also soy and dairy. But in the beginning even a glass of water created nasty symptoms. Fyi. Zantac is gluten free. Prescription zantac has gluten.
  8. Courtney33

    Celiac without GI issues?

    yes! Horrible anxiety and psoriasis. Generally my symptoms were a wham to the inside of my head. Call it a type of quick and concentrated brain fog. Sometimes it felt like being whoozie and other times like my head was spinning but in a half spin. If i get accidentally glutenized i will get the head thing. Later from 30 mins to 3 hrs my heart will skip. 3 to 9 hrs later i will getting random stabbing bone pain which i perceive to be the calcium being leeched from my bones from the gluten. My stomach probs at this time seem to be from eating soy products instead of dairy and thus destroying the enzymes i had left. Long road back. I got dna testing done with 23andme and there it was. Celiac. Couldnt used that info couple decades ago.
  9. Courtney33

    That darn corn !

    Yup, corn, that's on my avoid list now too. Can eat gluten free corn based cheezies if not too much. But last time I ate popcorn, cheesey gluten free, I got lightheaded, had bloating, and intestinal issues. Fiber related? As the powdered corn products don't have these reactions. Potatos cause bloating and more lightheadedness. Both are worse on empty stomachs. What the heck, I miss the days of scarfing down everything. Glad to have this forum.