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  1. Courtney33

    Eating At A Chinese Restaurant

    Restaurant dining and the staff knowledge is frustrating. I already know that they know nothing, lol. They think they...
  2. My sister and I are both Celiac. We had differing symptoms. Her stomach got way worse than mine. Have you noticed that...
  3. I hear ya, I too have wondered the same thing. We are lucky in that our bodies always try to default back to its healthy...
  4. If memory serves, I think psoriasis can cause those ridges, and psoriasis can be a symptom or offshoot of Celiac. I've...
  5. My one misconception? I think it would be that I am just following some fad. I work in a resort and get lots of...
  6. My feet used to swell up too. Impossible to sleep. Started using compression stockings and that helped. Off that job...
  7. Courtney33

    Sick after eating anything

    You sound like my sister. Basically her stomach was fried from the gluten. Taking zantac helped to get the healing started...
  8. Courtney33

    Celiac without GI issues?

    yes! Horrible anxiety and psoriasis. Generally my symptoms were a wham to the inside of my head. Call it a type of quick...
  9. Courtney33

    That darn corn !

    Yup, corn, that's on my avoid list now too. Can eat gluten free corn based cheezies if not too much. But last time I...