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  1. Kind of late to this but my pain symptoms are like your right side pain under ribs that travels to my bag. Gets better when laying down. Hurts more when I breathe. My guess you are still getting gluten from accidental sources.
  2. Def gets worse it can also change even later. My co-worker who also has celiac since childhood yet she only started getting Dermatitis herpetiformis like 6 years ago.
  3. Not sure if you found relief but when I get glutened I drink lots of water mixed with glutamine it is an amino acid that normally you wouldn’t need, but in times of stress/injury it is depleted. It also plays a role in maintaining the integrity of the instestinal mucuosa. Anyway it works for me in reducing the days I have symptoms. I also swear it helps me immediately reducing my pain symptoms. I am surprised that a lot of people in the forums don’t recommend or haven’t tried it. Also I took a couple of percosets for a migraine one time and it did nothing to alleviate the pain from ingesting g
  4. At first I thought it would be hard if not impossible to be vegan while also having to abstain from eating gluten due to celiac, but when I looked at online at my options I wasn't worried. If you can't/won't eat grains and legumes though I wouldn't recommend it. Right now my diet consists of Breakfast - Bob's Mill Gluten Free Steel Cut Oats mixed with a little Peanut Butter (unsalted, unsweetened, no oils), some cinnamon and some finely ground flaxseed. Lunch - Some fruits usually organic strawberries and organic red grapes with organic blackberries or raspberries depending on which
  5. Drinking glutamine helps me with reducing the time I spend with pain when I accidentally ingest gluten. That's the major symptom I get and it only lasts a few days. The other symptoms insomnia, migraines, constipation/runny bowl movements/mucus in stool only lasts about a day so can't comment on how I would handle that. Herpetiformis dermatitis occurs most commonly on the elbows, knees, buttocks, and hairline.
  6. I just had a very intense reaction to Kettle brand Backyard BBQ potato chips. Ugh it was awful very intense pain certainly feels like more than a slight cross-contamination judging by the amount of pain I am feeling. And it's the only thing I ate then 2 hours later bam hit me like a truck. The funny thing is that I have eaten Kettle chips before with no problem even these BBQ chips so I know it's not the ingredients. Maybe someone got this stuff contaminated somehow in the factory.
  7. Don't touch the stuff anything that has wheat grass, barley grass, oats, or hemp can't trust the product.
  8. I also get pain on my upper right abdominal area right under my ribs about 3 to 4 hours after ingesting gluten and lasting about 2 days if of course nothing else is ingested accidentally. The more gluten that is ingested the greater the pain of course at the highest level the pain travels from around my rib and to around my back. Breathing actually makes it hurt more at this level. The only thing that relieves the pain somewhat is laying down or sitting down.
  9. I definitely didn't feel any shock to my system. Not having pain 24/7 was a miracle it was like a new lease on life. Definitely cutting all consumption of gluten is the right thing otherwise your symptoms will not improve. It definitely was an adjustment for sure I had always eaten bread every morning with my coffee and milk for 28 years. It was my comfort food you could say. I switched to gluten-free bread then ended up cutting that up too. I have replaced all my foods with healthier alternatives. Now I can't even drink milk since it makes me nauseous and gives me inflammation in my joints. N
  10. This post is ancient but I just had to comment I also get the most extreme pain when I ingest gluten even if it's a little bit more than a cross-contamination accident you can bet that's going to be a level 10 pain. At that point I just want to die or be put under general anesthesia. I don't think any pain reliever would work as this is an inflammatory reaction and I don't think there is a powerful enough NSAID out there that would help at all. One time I had a migraine and had pain from gluten ingestion and took some Percocet for migraines that stuff didn't make a dent in my level of pain. My
  11. My main symptom is right upper abdominal pain I can feel a reaction in about 3 or 4 hours. This might be a delayed reaction however as the pain is somewhat lessened by sitting or laying down. Who know maybe it happens earlier but I am usually sitting or laying down after eating. I asked someone at work with celiac and they said 2 hours.
  12. I am not sure if it's new symptoms or I may just be more aware of it but I now know when I accidentally eat gluten I get migraines, insomnia, irritability, and fatigue in addition to my hallmark symptom of intense right uppper abdominal pain. Also someone I know who also has had celiac since she was a child developed herpetiformis dermatitis after being an adult that's scary.
  13. Yes strawberries and mushrooms are sometimes cross-contaminated. Strawberries because they are grown on beds of wheat straw and mushrooms are grown on rye or other gluten grains. Here is an article explaining it on strawberries https://www.verywell.com/are-strawberries-gluten-free-562818 and mushrooms https://www.verywell.com/are-mushrooms-gluten-free-562814 Thankfully the organic strawberries I buy seem to be grown on plastic as they cause me no ill. Mushrooms on the other hand is another story I have gotten sick on mushrooms that I have purchased at two separate stores from different co
  14. Only thing that I feel is safe is some sushi at Chinese buffets I don't go to those places, but if I feel forced to because of a family event that's what I would eat.
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