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  1. Is all of this down to mal-adsorption? I honestly don't know but I feel there may be something more systemic? Has anyone been tested for Lupus? (I know House always say's it's not Lupus but...) It seems so common that another autoimmune reason seems as likely as mal-adsorption? It might be lupus or related fibromyalgia or something new? I'm just wondering here ....
  2. Thanks Lynayah, the last thing I wanted to do was offend but I also felt sometimes you have to take off the sugar coating. It has been a hard thing for me to accept but you only need to look at the countless super-fit professional athletes who have thought the same way. (Pick your own sport but you will countless find many who 'let themselves go'. My theory is really not quite so tough as 'letting themselves go' but people who worked out all the time and knew their bodies and as their body and life balanced changed didn't accept that difference. I'm convinced that people who used to work out in a really planned manner find it more difficult to adjust to the fact their body no longer responds in the same way. The other side of the story though is all those that do get back in control. Food combining goes by many names and has as many variations: The basics are you eat food that has the same digestive needs together. This really means that the starchy carbs and proteins are eaten separately. Things like vegetables (excepting potatoes) are in the middle group and can be eaten with either. Scientifically people struggle to say why it works, yet those that do it are usually very vociferous supporters. I was introduced by a 'Californian New Age' book called 'Fit for Life'. Frankly it's a little too Californian New Age for me... although the author's are vegetarian they don't impose that and say that is their choice. Scientifically though my ex-wife is a food analytical chemist and she said that the ways foods are prepared for analysis is exactly the same as the diet. The prep for analysis's is extensively documented and scientifically tested as this is basically the method to get the most accurate results. The most accurate results means extracting the maximum of whatever is being analyzed from the food ... in other words it is like an artificial pre-digestion. The book I found most useful is one called 'The Kensington Diet' but that said I only needed a look. I chose that book because the author (famous clients) was on a day-time TV program and the interviewer was having a go at different diets. The thing that surprised me was that people in the audience were really ready to defend the diet against the presenter and guest dietician. (Sideline: The presenter is a guy called Killroy-Silk, politician and heart-throb to a certain generation of ladies) Most of the ladies in the audience just dreamily agree with everything he say's, he is sorta a male model in his 60's Oprah ... yet very exceptionally for his program 4-5 people in the audience disagreed and continued to disagree ... and the one thing they kept saying was "I don't care what the dietician say's, it works for me". As you might spot the Atkins diet is a sub-set of food combining. Food combining is much older, Henry Ford had it in all his orphanages and did it himself. The paleolithic diet is another variation with the same roots. The basic roots are: When we were hunter gatherers we did one at once. That is we went out and brought back a stag and ate stag, we foraged and found berries and ate berries etc. What we didn't do was eat stag stewed with potatoes and other starchy foods. (If for no other reason pottery wasn't invented and we had no pots to stew) The theory is that starchy foods and protein rich foods don't digest as well when eaten together. Both are fine with the neutral foods (Carrots, leafy vegetables etc.) Here is the Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Food_combining There are various theories why it works including the fact that food combining leads to a lower calorie diet. The only study I know doesn't test this: olay A, Allaz A, Ybarra J, Bianchi P, Saraiva S, Mensi N, Gomis R, de Tonnac N (2000). "Similar weight loss with low-energy food combining or balanced diets". Int. J. Obes. Relat. Metab. Disord. 24 (4): 492
  3. I'm not an expert but I don't think so. Low IgA is just something comes along for the ride with the 'weird' DQ human antigen profiles for celiacs. Is it possible you were tested for IgA serum but not the deficiency? (You say years ago and testing has moved on and IgA deficiency now 'included' in screening). This is partly just progress, the increased IgA deficiency awareness is partly (IMHO) just due to more people having different IgA tests and the frequency and numbers of people being tested as well as different test methods. However: Also to my knowledge IgA deficiency in itself is not harmful. Of interest there are 6 immunoglobulin (antibody) types: (well classes) (in placental mammals - this is sorta important of interest as expanded below) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibody IgA is the only anti body transmitted through milk (human and otherwise) (hence the placental mammals) IgG is the only one which crosses the placenta and gives immunity to new borns. IgA is 'mainly' secreted in mucosal areas gut, respiratory tract and urogenital tract ... and can prevent parasitic colonization but IgG is the major 'bacteria and virus' killer. Hope this helps ...
  4. Imported Msg

    The corruption is really only the latter half the story .. The problem is 3rd world countries do not have the laws in place to start with and manufacturers do not have an audit of where bulk ingredients come form. MSG is MSG .. regardless of source. Governments want to maintain exports but this is way down the list of items, one of which (in common for most 3rd world countries) is not being overthrown. Anyone following international politics will know Thailand has been on the brink of a coup for some time. Short summary: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/7584005.stm The derivation of MSG from wheat or any other source is really a low priority. Just one example: Traffic deaths in 3rd world countries accounted for 85-90% of 1.2 million fatalities worldwide. (WHO Figures) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov:80/pmc/articles/PMC1247497/ Yes, people get sick from gluten but millions die in preventable road traffic accidents. Millions in Thailand die of drug abuse... easily preventable illnesses or just lack of clean water in many rural areas. (The latter being one of the present political problems for the current (military installed) government.) Just take a step back ... they are so far away about worrying about allergens in food. Corruption comes into play if they are 'discovered' by a country they export to. With the right money to the right official their export credentials will be changed for a different company with no trace back to the original one. As is so obvious from the melamine case, the FDA cannot possibly test each shipment, let alone each batch. Even when they do what comeback would you have? I personally have no idea of the source of MSG for Thai foods, more to the point the Thai food manufacturers probably have no idea either ... This concept is really not strange .. who knows the origin of the gas they put in their car? Regardless of the filling station brand it is a commodity, Exxon do not sell Exxon oil, Conoco Phillips don't sell CoP oil, they sell whatever they can source from wells to pumps as the cheapest. The US, Europe and literally a handful of developed countries have the luxury have having enough food, power and clean water. Along with this luxury we can start to develop policies and rules for allergens in food. 3rd world countries are so far from this luxury... most would put clean drinking water way up the list. MSG may be cheapest in Thailand from beet, rice or even the original seaweed ... the idea they would pay a premium (for instance exporting MSG from the US to make food to export) is really way out. Much of this is second hand, one of my best friends lived in Thailand for 12 years and although I visited you can't really understand the reality under the 'tourist exterior' until you live in a country. I have spent more than 50% of my adult life in 3rd world countries, Thailand has some specific problems but not vastly different to most 3rd world countries. We should remember that 'the developed' nations are not so far ahead in real terms.
  5. Why? It is the only test valid before 2 years? If you had the genetic tests and the baby was DQ2 or DQ8 would that change your mind? As said earlier, it is every parents personal choice, I am just really trying to find out why, specifically what is the advantage when the disadvantages and risks seem so numerous.
  6. Imported Msg

    Why don't you provide evidence that MSG is properly labelled in Thailand? My advice won't hurt anyone. Your idea seems to be "We don't need to worry about MSG" Obviously you have spent a lot of time in Thailand and feel qualified to make this comment; you probably not only know the major food exporters but probably get invited to dinner by them on a regular basis. I'm sure on one of these occasions you probably discussed this at length at one of their beach houses. Or perhaps not? Perhaps in the absence of you knowing ANYTHING about it you could just not make a comment? Or it could be that food manufacturers in Thailand really don't care about the source of their MSG?
  7. My left arm already has shortened ligaments (indeed it doesn't stretch the whole way) after a injury years ago when I tore both ligaments.
  8. Starbucks Confused?

    Miss Christy: Gobbie say's it all really. Do the same simple test as Starbuck's legal council.... If you get ill after what can you claim/sue for?
  9. Imported Msg

    MSG can be derived from many sources. Wheat gluten used to be the primary source but has now changed within the US. Worldwide MSG is simply a waste by product commodity. It will be produced from whatever waste vegetable proteins are most available and most economic. I would think it is unlikely Thailand has rules about the source of MSG and even less enforcement, any more than it has rules about what drugs you can buy over the counter. Technically amphetamines (for instance) are illegal, in practice you can buy them over any pharmacy counter. Indeed, trying to buy any pharmaceutical products in Thailand usually means explaining you are NOT looking for uppers/downers or something to make you party all night. I have a friend who lived in Thailand for 12 years and is married to a Thai wife. She is one of the upper class yet since 13 (she is now mid 30's) she has been taking a birth control pill, marketed at children. The specific pill can be bought over the counter and contains everything a 13 year old could want from a birth control pill. Weight gain is controlled via amphetamines and barbiturates and the huge codeine dose assures long term addiction. After Thailand my friend and his wife moved to Kuwait, then Canada then the UK. So far she has found illegal sources in each of thee places! Bottom line: She want's a baby but not as much as she needs the 'birth control' pill. These pills are given out at school gates and available from any pharmacy. The 'problem' is widely known, indeed it was her parents informed my friend ... however it is also an effective means of population control for the government. Unless you lived in countries like this then you are living a different reality. In Thailand you can buy anything, including people ... to imagine they would control MSG sources is incredible. Crimes only exist for the poor, anyone else can usually bribe their way out. The very idea that Thailand would control the sources of MSG doesn't really bear thinking about? The idea they would happily mislabel and export it is the reality. If you want to buy a slave in Thailand (as a foreigner) then you go to the border control or police, they will happily sell you slaves they have captured or a Thai girl sold by her parents. The people who enforce this will kill captured babies because they have no resale value, do you really think they will enforce detailed checking of the source of MSG??? It is absolutely laughable that a Thai exporter would care what the source of the MSG was and even if they knew would not declare it on labels. The obvious source for bulk buying MSG is China. Unless you believe (also laughable) that the US tests every consignment for gluten then it is not safe to assume a country like Thailand would be safe. The Chinese melamine in pet food and infant milk illustrates just how this works. Melamine took some time to find as initial tests showed 'rat poison'... (aminopterin) however aminopterin is illegal in China ... (so?) the reason this was dropped is it was inconsistent with the symptoms. However: the reason it was so hard to find what was the problem was really down to the normal contamination of chinese made food stuffs ... so many toxins were found that didn't match the symptoms. My brother does extensive business in China, even though he tests the product he has to test every batch. Even though the manufacturer in China knows he tests they still send contaminated product with astounding regularity. It's still marginally cheaper for him to buy from China but their answer everytime he gets a contaminated product he has to throw away is "buy elsewhere and see if we care". Last time he visited he had to bribe the police so much that the Chinese source is becoming uneconomic. The reality is the only pure product coming from Thailand are hard drugs where the penalty for delivering contaminated product is death. To imagine that Thai exports are somehow better controlled than Chinese ones is not the reality.
  10. I share your feelings on doctors: however some stuff is mainstream and even a poor doctor can follow the diagnostic processes. Parasites might be yuck ... but they are also usually/often easily treatable and curable. Often this involves drugs and therefore the drug companies ensure doctors have the information as opposed to diagnosing celiac disease. Anyway, its worth a go if its easily treatable and makes your life better!
  11. What I don't understand is why introducing gluten seems to be looked at in the same way as "your baby might one day be able to see" or "one day he might be able to be exposed to direct sunlight". It is like there is some huge reward to be gained from baby being able to eat gluten, something worth taking a risk. If baby was blind and they wanted to do a risky operation that would enable him to see then this is a difficult question. He might be left paralyzed but if the operation is a success he will be able to see and play with the other kids. Thank goodness I don't have to make that decision. However: If you introduce gluten, baby can eat commercial foods and eat with the other kids but may develop some irreversible problems? Where is the risk/reward? It is almost like we are being told to introduce gluten to conform? As you say many of our own problems have developed over years... nothing you could monitor and say "Oh if I had stopped eating gluten then". I am probably a little literal at the moment: (As a result of accidental glutening by CODEX products) Perhaps I am missing something 'emotional' about this? I just don't see ANY reason why anyone would do this to a child with the genes?
  12. What I don't understand is why introducing gluten seems to be looked at in the same way as "your baby might one day be able to see" or "one day he might be able to be exposed to direct sunlight". It is like there is some huge reward to be gained from baby being able to eat gluten, something worth taking a risk. If baby was blind and they wanted to do a risky operation that would enable him to see then this is a difficult question. He might be left paralyzed but if the operation is a success he will be able to see and play with the other kids. Thank goodness I don't have to make that decision. However: If you introduce gluten, baby can eat commercial foods and eat with the other kids but may develop some irreversible problems? Where is the risk/reward? It is almost like we are being told to introduce gluten to conform? As you say many of our own problems have developed over years... nothing you could monitor and say "Oh if I had stopped eating gluten then". I am probably a little literal at the moment: (As a result of accidental glutening by CODEX products) Perhaps I am missing something 'emotional' about this? I just don't see ANY reason why anyone would do this to a child with the genes?
  13. I can sympathize yet offer little in advice. Each of my joints seems to take in in turn ... the trigger has been walking along a smooth sidewalk! That was it for my ankle, no stress, I as just out walking in sensible shoes on a smooth sidewalk - result 2 weeks of agony and not being able to walk. Same thing for my knees and neck ... Currently my neck is killing me, I just woke up n the night like this. All my muscles along the trapeziums are knotted sympathetically, It cracks and grinds because of this and I am getting to the end of my patience. It has been like this and getting worse now for 2 years. My current neck problem (its happened before) is now going on 3 weeks. It was feeling much better until I played with my baby yesterday! This is what is really annoying me, I can't even play with my baby! I know my problem is connective tissue not muscle because for instance I can pinpoint the present point in my neck. The upper tendon on the lavator scapula is the exact point ... My elbows are also sore to touch ... sore as in they hurt if I rest them on a pillow sometimes. "Thankfully I am more or less ambidextrous." Funny, I keep telling myself the same thing. My elbows have caused me to keep switching hands and my signature is completely different from left to right. I usually write left handed (since age 5 when I broke my collar bone) because computer mice tend to be placed on the right ... but lately I have moved the mouse to the other side and started writing right handed.
  14. I think that sums it up for me. I really just don't understand why anyone would introduce it deliberately if they knew the baby will sooner or later develop celiac disease. It's not like baby can't see or hear, it's just avoiding a type of food that many cultures managed without. On the other hand I guess there is also a case for developing some sort of immunity? I really don't know ... As I said above, unless we test babies and then retest them every 5 years how can anyone say if it will cause an auto-immune reaction in 25 or 30 years? I'm interested to see the research from Fasano but he has been rather slow releasing research in the past. Not a personal criticism of him, more I guess he is going to be criticized widely from the food industry who will pull out all the stops to try and discredit the research. Several other factor's should IMHO be considered. Development of the child including non-reversible problems such as under developed spleen. Neurological problems, specifically neuro-developmental disorders such as Autism spectrum. A question which will not be answered for a long time is if transglutamise gluten reaction actually causes autism spectrum 'disorders'. Many parents of autistic children report good response to a gluten-free/CF diet and autism is a neuro developmental disorder. Many of us with autism spectrum tendencies (I really don't like using the word disorder) find we become far 'worse' (another bad word) when glutened. This is really just a start? What else might be caused or triggered? We just need to look through the posts here: Does joint pain go away after being gluten-free? What about the nebulous brain fog etc. The question I am asking is what if we never had to have these problems that often do not go away once developed? What if the development phase of a babies brain can be adversely affected, what if he never develops a normal spleen but could have done ...
  15. You inadvertently pulled a few strings. For quite a few reasons one of the most traumatic experiences many of us have and do face is friends and relatives who refuse to understand, don't want to understand or can be plain nasty. (often a combination) Quite often that friend or relative is in denial ... they have problems but refuse to admit them. It can be extremely traumatic because one side is convincing themselves' eating wheat cannot cause those problems and moreover they often go to incredible lengths to prove it. Sometimes they think we are tricking ourselves, sometimes the doctors are tricking us ... and sometimes they go to the lengths of trying to prove we are making it all up by deliberately poisoning us! I am usually quite assertive but as someone else remarked I suddenly become non very non-assertive over my celiac disease. I am frankly sick and tired of saying no ... but there is something else as well. I am not trying to draw attention, quite the opposite ... I just don't want to keep being put into situations where I either have to keep saying no I can't have one sandwich .. or one crumb... My mother was one of the unbelievers ... and like they say "be careful what you wish for, it might come true!". She would promise etc. and yet she would sneak in wheat products "to prove to me" or "because I was just trying to get attention". (I was nearly 30 at the time) As I said, those that protest-eth the most often have reason: A few years later my mother was getting worse and worse problems but of course she wouldn't believe me. Indeed, it was everything BUT wheat ... but I eventually tricked her into getting a celiac test. As I said, be careful what you wish for! You probably guessed it came back positive and you would think that would be the end of it and for a while it was. She actually did apologize and eventually got a lot better and said she was so sorry to have tried to trick me into eating gluten and now she knew how bad I felt and .... Great until about 3-4 yrs ago .. and my mom has decided she can eat the CODEX gluten-free, because her doctor told her. I know I cant eat it and I know she can't (When you visit you can tell but I'll not go into detail) Any prizes for guessing what she did next? She fed it to me and lied! I visited for a week and got sicker each day... eventually (between toilet breaks) I went through the bins and found the packets she had thrown out (keeping only the transparent inner packets). She had fed me the stuff 3 times a day... even when I didn't want 'bread', methodically. Why would she do that? I believe she wants to justify eating it herself ... she knows it makes her sick but she won't admit it and I keep telling her why take the risk.... so she deliberately poisoned me! Many of us have been through very traumatic experiences with friends and family. This is my most extreme case but I think it might illustrate just how bad you feel when a close relative or friend simply refuses to believe you. I'm sure my mother has a different story ... I'm sure she will say she didn't realize, that she didn't read the labels, that aliens came in the night and put the discarded packets in her bin???? (the last one might be stretching it) ... Not everyone does it for evil intent but some do ... when someone does then it is a very traumatic thing and the closer the person is, the more traumatic.