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So Fed Up With These Symptoms ;-(

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Hey guys, i have recently found this webpage and thought i would give it a go and see what people think...


Basically i am a 26 year old female that over the past 2 - 3 years have had various symptoms going on...


i have suffered with small water blister like rash on my chin twice... last week i had this all on back of neck..


Every now and again i get a clear blister on the inside of my mouth, not painful at all


( doctor could not tell me what it was on chin , put it down to the colsore virus)  Then on my neck i never bothered going the doctors 


I have been told i am aneamic recently .. my iron is 11.3 i changed my diet and had tablets for a month for this and then blood taken again and it went to 11.4  they checked the blood for celiac and said it come back negative.


Without fail i have at least one water /kidney infection per month although all i drink is water , i am constipated alot of the time and need to take lactose.. I do look pregnant with my stomach although i do go to the gym twice a week and get pains the right hand side of stomach.


I also need at least 8 hours sleep per night lol


I have a doctors appointment tomorrow i was wondering if anyone can help were i go... 



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Can't say much on the face/neck rash, however the blister inside the mouth. If it is clear and does not hurt, it is probably just a clogged saliva duct. I've gotten them on occasion.


The stomach pain on the right side may be due to your gallbladder as it sits right under the rib.


I can't function without at the very least 7 hours of sleep. Everyone is different though.


However, the frequent infections, the "C", and the bloated stomach may have something to do with celiac, as can the aniema.


When you go to the doctor ask for a full celiac panel and go from there.

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The "water infections" -  malnutrition from celiac/gluten intolerance can cause lack of calcium and other minerals/vitamins being absorbed in the gut, so you are low.  The body has to have certain levels of this in the blood so your organs can function, so the kidneys try to regulate the blood levels of calcium, as it filters everything, and it is leached out of your bones.  The extra calcium then ends up in your kidneys, trying to cause stones to form, and in your bladder as crystals, causing repeated infections.  


You can get tested six ways to Sunday on this for kidney problems and you have a 50% chance of being told to do the exact opposite of what you should be doing....


I lucked into a urology consult decades ago after the nephrologist (kidney doc) couldn't figure this out, and he said to stop taking Tums antacids as the calcium bicarbonate makes it worse.  Too much bicarb in the blood = more stones.  Uh, okay, that works, sort of,  but everybody else is looking at my bones and freaking out, and telling me to take calcium, what to do here.   So I researched some more in another book by an ob- gyn who was considered sort of new-agey alternative at the time (this was the pre internet age where you actually had to look at books) and I found one which said Tums bad, but calcium citrate good.  So in addition to swilling down water all the time (I bet they told you to do that a lot, didn't they ? ) I tried adding the calcium citrate supplement and THAT sort of got it under control, while making the war between what the urologist wanted and the ob-gyn wanted come to a truce. 


Many years later, I ended up going gluten free without a formal diagnosis of celiac (another long story) and as an unexpected side effect, I don't get these freaking d**** kidney infections anymore, and my bladder acts like a normal persons !  Can you imagine how much exasperation we could save the women of the world if everyone who got these things, and had unexplained bone loss, tried to see if a gluten free diet would make a difference ? 


Being anemic is another sign of celiac/gluten intolerance, it goes along with your not getting enough of the B complex vitamins.  You can try cooking your foods in a cast iron pan, which is another sneaky way to get iron into your diet, and making things with blackstrap molasses. (I was baking in a dedicated gluten free cast iron small pan for quite a while in the beginning). 


There is such a thing as non celiac gluten intolerance.  While some experts suspect it is a different mechanism, there are at least a few people who just never got the formal diagnosis because of the failure of the blood tests for celiac to show anything, and/or a failed biopsy or their symptoms were just atypical enough to be confusing, and the doctors just wouldn't believe them.  If, after you have been tested as much as they will do, (whatever country or system you are stuck with) and you still have the symptoms, then try going gluten free anyway, no matter what they say.  The best result is that you actually become healthier and stop having all these related problems. 

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