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Another Endoscopy And Colonoscopy On Monday! Anyone Have Second Biopsy +

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I have been violently sick with stomach pain, GERD major acid in stomach that is not getting under control since Nov.  Have had 2 negative blood tests for Celiac, one I was off of gluten in the weeks prior to the test.  My last endoscopy came back negative for celiac.  I had enterolab test my stool, it came back positive for Gluten intolerance at a 53.  I was also IGE skin prick tested and came back positive to soy, corn, chicken and a 3 reaction (4) highest to dairy.  My enterolab came back negative for caesin.  I am so sad to go in yet again for more testing but my stomach acid is so bad again that it's effecting my life so bad, I can't work or do the things I once enjoyed.  I have also lost 30 lbs in the past couple months...not overweight to begin with.  Has anyone had a negative biopsy for celiac the first time, and the second positive?  My last endoscopy was in Jan. and it showed Gastric Erosion, my stomach was inflammed and the lining was eroding. 

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