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Inconclusive Blood Tests... Now On To Gi, What Is Waittime?

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Hi there,


I just got my blood tests (Total IgA) results back: one sample came back positive, one came back negative.


In September, I was off gluten for a month, but not 100% off (cheated maybe once a week, sometimes only with a sip of beer). Then, when I went back on, I wasn't 100% on. Probably not eating gluten every day. So in Jan., I took 8 weeks to make sure I ate gluten every day, so the blood tests would work. At the end, I took the blood tests.


My doctor says my results still could be contaminated... and the only way to know is with an endoscopy.


I just had a colonoscopy, and it took me a year from referral to procedure. 


What have your experiences been with wait times, from blood test to endoscopy?


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