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Back On Gluten With All New Symptoms... Confused

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I started back on gluten on Friday for my endoscopy on the 19th and am having weird symptoms that I'm not used to, and one is pretty concerning.


The biggest one is more of a girl issue. I've been on the pill for 4 years now. I started it because I was noticing a distinctive D/C cycle that aligned with my menstrual cycle. It fixed that problem except I would get very sick during the placebo week. So I talked to my Ob-Gyn and they said it would be fine if I went on a 9 weeks on, one week off cycle. I was perfect about not skipping a day until last spring. Now it seems I skip one every month just about (bad I know). But this never caused issues until December or January of this school year. Then I started sometimes getting spotting after missing a day. The issue that I'm having now is that I missed Wednesday, started back on gluten Friday, and am now having a full blown period which isn't supposed to start for another few weeks. The spotting should have happened Thursday or Friday but it started Saturday. As I said, I never had issues with this before.


The second weird thing isn't so much of a symptom but a lack of one. I am having my normal muscle and joint fatigue, room-clearing gas, totally abnormal BMs and cravings for an unhealthy level of sugar. But no nausea... which was my first sign of being glutened when I went off gluten after the blood test. I've been eating high protein meals with my gluten because that seemed to help before my diagnosis - could that possibly mitigate how quickly I'm getting the symptoms and get rid of the nausea? Like how if you drink alcohol or caffeine on an empty stomach, the effects hit you a lot faster, but the opposite. So could eating high protein meals be redirecting my body's efforts away from making me sick or is this all in my head? Either way, it would make the next three weeks a lot easier.


(Background for those of you who haven't seen my other posts: I'm 20, swim 4.5 miles a week so fairly active, eat healthy most of the time, IBS since 2006 dx 2010 [and it has a separate reaction to gluten-free foods so it's still there], in a stressful college environment, got blood tests done in February, waiting on the biopsy.)

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