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Beth in N

Gluten Reaction That Is Not Intestional In Nature

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I've had Celiac for several years.  I honestly don't remember when I was diagnosed...possibly one of my symptoms...crappy memory in the last couple years.  I did not have the classic symptoms before diagnosis and was honestly shocked at the diagnosis itself. 


There are lots of times I THINK I was glutened, but I don't know it for a fact, since I don't react the same way.  I will have a day when I sleep most of the day...can't stay awake for the life of me.  That has happened occasionally over the years.  It's happened a once a week for the last two - three weeks, yesterday being the most recent.  I slept even longer than usual, but in addition, had some strange sensations in my head.  I can't call it vertigo.  It was almost like a brain shiver, but not as severe.  Like dizziness that was only seconds and would go away, but happened repeatedly.  I checked my BP to make sure it wasn't low.  My heart rate was ok.  But I definitely didn't feel right in my head.  I stayed in bed, even after waking late yesterday afternoon because of it. 


Today I've been able to stay awake without a problem, but I'm getting that occasional quick dizzy feeling.  It is getting better though.  No new meds as of a full month ago. 


So I've assumed this is MY way of having a gluten reaction.  I refer to it as a "gluten coma" to family and they know what I mean.  I know regular allergies can worsen over time.  Can the same hold true with Celiac?  I know it isn't a true allergy, in the anaphylaxis sense of the word.  I've done reading about neuro symptoms and I'm nothing near what I read about ataxia.  Does anyone have any insight into this?  Anyone else experience similar symptoms?


Thanks in advance,


Beth in NC

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