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"the Counter"? Anyone Eat There?

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Anyone eat at this mini-chain for salads and burgers?  I tried it today for the first time since being diagnosed with Celiac about two months ago.  They've recently started a separate menu which lists the many gluten-free options.  I didn't order the french fries (this time), but I was told they use a dedicated fryer.  The manager seemed to have done his homework, though the hostess at the front seemed clueless.  I was a bit disturbed as the manager told me one of the dressings on the menu was not in fact gluten-free and that they just haven't updated the menus, so I made it clear to him that the servers need to know and tell people.  But otherwise I was impressed.  I'm back half an hour and so far, so good.  I'll let you know :-)

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