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Mum in Norway

Eating High Gluten-Food To Get A Diagnosis, But Have Lots Of Thought And Questions

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I just talked to my GP today, after getting the results from some bloodwork I had done two weeks ago. I was going to get tested for pollen- and food allergies, but when I asked about cross-reactoins with pollen and wheat, becaus wheat (gluten, really) often makes me ill, he wanted to test for celiac too. It's not like I have never thought I might have celiac. I've done the hometest you can get at drugstores (atleast you can here in Norway) twice. Both times it was negative, so I asumed that they were right, and I just don't handle whete wery well.

But then this test at the GP's. It came back mostly negative, but my anti-gliadin IgG was 9. If it had been 10 it would have been considerd positive.

As i 'don't handle wheat very well', I don't eat it alot. And the week that the bloodtest was done i diden't have any wheat/gluten at all becaus of stomace trouble (hey, i didn't know I'd have a celiac test done!). So what I talked to my GP about today was that I should increas my gluten intake for a few weeks, and then have a new test done.

I knew this when I got the letter with the results late last week, so I allready started increasing gluten before the weekend, like 4-5 days ago.

And I feel like s$#&. Allready.   Thing is, I don't realy know how long I need to be doing this before I have another test done. GP said a few weeks (how many is that?), and online I read things like 3-6 months. But then, I haven't been glutenfree, realy, only that one week, normaly I'm gluten light. So maybe it won't take so long then? I want to get off gluten again (totaly, I think, even if test is negative) as soon as possible, but I also want to make sure the test is as accurat as it can be, don't want to have to do this again later


Has anyone gone on an heavy gluten diet after being gluten light/free for some time? How did that go, with symptoms and all? I'm writing down my symptoms, in case GP needs to know later on, and the list allready has like 15 points. And it's not likely to get any better...


I was also wondering if anyone has eventualy been diagnosed with celiac even if the only positiv result on the bloodtest was IgG?

I'm driving myself crazy thinking about this, analyzing every litte feeling, wondering if it has to do with all the gluten, trying to guess the likelyhood of me having celiac, wondering how that would affect my 3year old daughter, who had (asumed) gluten intolerance when she was younger, but now seems to be fine with gluten (will she need to be reetested? Is she likely to have celiak aswell?).


So. Anyone feel like they have experiences or know anything that might be relevant, I'd love know!


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I am just hoping you won't have to keep 2nd guessing forever and will get some definitive results.  Barley, spelt, and kamut have gluten in them as does wheat.  Perhaps the ones besides wheat would be slightly easier on your digestion as you wait for testing.


I hope you find answers and will get better soon.



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