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I went to the doctor yesterday and was told that I would need a gastroscopy to confirm celiac. She said since my antibodies were a weak positive I should eat as much gluten as I can before. As soon as the gastroscopy is over I should start a strict gluten free diet and a low GI diet.

I had a choice between 2 doctors and I made my choice base on my lack of trust in the one doctor.

I found out last night my choice doctor is taking the entire summer off! I have to call the office on Monday and see if I can get in before he leaves, if not I have to wait until September. I could of course call my doctor and ask for the referral to be switched to this other doctor.

My question is would you wait an entire summer for a doctor (that you never met) to do a simple procedure or would you just go with the other doctor. I had him as my doctor when I was pregnant with my daughter and he's not bad I just don't think he was that thorough. Does the doctor do a report? Or is the "footage" sent to a pathologist.

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