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Adhd And Celiac

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I know that my Functional Medicine Nurse believed that there was.  My mother had great success with using The Feingold Diet for Hyperactive Children  to help my brother overcome hyperactivity back in the 70's.  Basically this diet excluded artificial flavors and colors.  I saw this work first hand and became certain of its usefulness.  I believe they have done further research and now believe it is better to also avoid refined sugar.   I really don't know of gluten information about it, but would leave that research to you.


If you have any questions about my experience with the diet I would be glad to help.  It was my mother that made the changes for my brother.  What they did, changed my life!  It had such a profound effect on me, in my young life, that I did a research paper on it in high school and still avoid artificial flavors and colors over 30 years later.  My children haven't suffered from hyperactivity.


I have 4/4 genes for celiac disease, so it is fairly likely that my siblings have the predisposition to it also.  I know you said ADHD and I said hyperactivity, but when I went to a page about the Feingold Association, ADHD was there.


I found a link to http://www.feingold.org/overview.php

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