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Celiac 'signs' -- Endoscopy Results

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So, my four year old had a positive blood test for Celiac, then IELs in the endoscopy, but no villous blunting, so the pathologist wrote 'Marsh Score 0-1'.  I'm assuming it's positive for Celiac (and we're treating it as such) since there were IELs and the positive blood work.  And she's maybe just young enough there's not damage to the villi yet?

Her 16 month old brother was also scoped.  He was not blood tested because of his young age and high chance of false negative.  It was discovered he has something else called an EGID in his duodenum, but they said he didn't have Celiac.  I finally saw the whole pathology report and I was really surprised to say he had moderate villous shortening, but no IELs.  Can it be Celiac without IELs, or do IELs have to be there for it to be Celiac?

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