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Question About My Deficiencies

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So I got my recent blood tests back I was hoping you guys would help interpret them and if anyone has had similar results. I am talking to my doctor next week, but I was just sort of curious so I can go in with information.


My iron is low:


Component Standard Range Your Value Flag IRON 65 - 175 ug/dL 60 L

TOTAL IRON BINDING 298 - 596 ug/dL 410

  IRON SATURATION 20 - 55 % 15 L

TRANSFERRIN 200 - 400 mg/dL 275




And my D is low


Component Standard Range Your Value Flag VITAMIN D 25 HYDROXY 30 - 100 ng/mL 29.3 L

<10 Deficiency
10-29 Insufficiency
30-100 Optimal Level
>100 Possible Toxicity




In an e-mail my doctor says these are both insubstantial but I should take an iron supplement to clear this up. Would either of these be the potential reason I have felt like crap lately or are they not low enough to exhibit any of the deficiency symptoms? I realize that is kind of a vague question and that all bodies are different. 



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i can't speak to the iron because I wasn't deficient in that, but I am for Vitamin D.


My ref. range for my lab was 30-100 for Vit. D.  My results were:


February 2013 25.3 Non-fasting result (From this result my ob/gyn told me to take 2000 iu a day, but I took a 2000 iu and there was 1000 iu in my multi as well.)

May 2013 35.1 Fasting result, so I'm guessing that's why I had a higher result, but then...

June 2013 28.3 Non-fasting result (I had missed maybe 4-5 days of Vit. D supplementation between the May and June tests because I ran out of vitamins.)  


The GI I went to said I could ask my GP about the possibility of 50000 iu of Vitamin D, so I did at a check-up.  My GP gave me a prescription for 50000iu once a week, and I will get my levels rechecked in August.  I keep reading and I've been told that a level of at least 50 is best.  


I am a 27 year old, white female, so I'm in the high risk category for osteoporosis down the road, and I'm also deficient in Vitamin K which affects bone health too, so I want to try and get my D up!

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Yes, being low in iron will make you feel like crap!  When I was super anemic, I was out of breath all the time and had to take lots of breaks.  That was bad, but feeling "not quite right" is pretty awful too.  Just because you are borderline or just within the range doesn't mean that your symptoms will dissipate. 

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