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Need Help, Just Keep Getting Sicker It Seems

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Hi everyone, Im new here but I know my story is one that has been heard many times over so Ill try to make this as short as possible.For quite some time I have known something was off with me until one time I bought a protein blend that was basically made out of gluten and  ended up in the ER and docs  a couple of times being checked for ulcers etc.After this protein blend so intensified my symptoms I was finally 99 percent sure what making me sick as I had suspected gluten before.


 I didnt have health insurance and didnt know to keep eating gluten for the test and so I cut out gluten and did really well for a while. The burning skin,knawing stomache and back pain, fatigue and acid reflux I thought was gone, however, every now and then some gluten would sneak in and to make a long story short it seemed that with every accidental glutening I have gotten more and more sensitive- to the freaking extreme to where I think I even started getting cross reactivity to anything that looks like gluten.


In desperation I have went on the gaps diet as I am almost certain I have leaky gut but to no avail. I now feel toxic and seem to be getting sicker and sicker. I keep this awful burning acid in the center of my chest, depression, anxiety, brain fog and this terrible pain between my shoulder blades.. and for the life of me I have been making all of my food in advance and know I have not been eating gluten.I do have a doc appointment in a week and a half but dont know how much thats going to help because Ive been gluten-free for about a year at least and cant imagine going back to eating gluten for any sort of a test.


I am hoping getting tested for leaky gut will be enough to give me  a solid connection. I have had blood tests for gluten that came back negative but then again I wasnt eating gluten at the time so that didnt surprise me or the doctor. I am just desperate because this feeling of depression and fatigue is just almost more that I can bear on a day in day out basis. Can anyone relate to this?It seems that nothing I am doing is helping for any length of time. Am I possibly missing something?Thanks all, any help would so be so appreciated.

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