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Pret A Manger's New Salads

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I know they're not everywhere, but here in office-land Manhattan there are many Pret a Mangers.  Last week, the Pret near my office introduced a whole bunch of new salads, several of which they claim to be gluten-free, as well as a gluten-free tag on their shelf cards where appropriate.


I'm not a super-sensitive Celiac, but so far I've tried the falafel salad and the prosciutto/quinoa one and both were very tasty.


Just when I was yearning for more variety in my lunchtime options.  I'm very pleased!


And, if I can add, about 4 months back I was getting coffee there when I saw what looked to be a 'visitor from corporate' checking things out, so I pulled her aside and started haranguing her about gluten-free options and labeling.  I wonder if our conversation had any part in these new choices (probably not, but it's fun to think so!)


Just wanted to let people know there are new choices at Pret.







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