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Sed Rate Question

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Hi- We are brand new to the world of celiac and are trying to learn as much as we can. Thank you all for the information you share on this forum. 


Our daughter is going through diagnoses for celiacs right now. Her blood work came back with high TTG levels (IgA 76 and IgA >100). She will have a biopsy at the end of this month to confirm.

My question is around Sed Rate. Her Sed Rate was at 47. The GI dr. felt that this might be related to celiac but could also indicate another issue (such as IBD). Has anyone else had a high Sed Rate that ended up going down once they were gluten free? I know the Dr. can't really say much without the testing being complete but I would love to get a little hope that we are not facing two issues right now.

Thank you!

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Inflammation in the body can indeed be caused by Celiac Disease.


Once gluten free many autoimmune symptoms can resolve completely or greatly improve.


Celiac Disease is genetic...Mom, Dad and any siblings need to be tested at 3-5 year intervals or more often should symptoms arise.


Good luck with the endoscopy at the end of the month...use this time to prepare to remove ALL gluten from your daughter's diet.  Take a look at this thread....it contains great info that will help ease the transition:




Here is a list of all symptoms associated with Celiac Disease:




Hang in there and let us know if you have more questions :)

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