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Grumpy Ol' Me

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Well, so I just had the experience of reviewing all my trusted restaurants for gluten free food... too bad getting gluten free and dairy free is almost impossible without being at a vegan restaurant and my hubby is rather antagonistic toward vegan restaurants...

Finally I found a morsel to eat at Wingers... But THEN they screwed up my order.

First they cooked my tacos with the cilantro lime sauce which had dairy... I told them to take it off...

So they come out with a new order.  Hubby gets home and we open it up... FLOUR FRICKIN TORTILLAS! I said CORN!  AND GLUTEN FREE!

And I should have been unable to get more because well, its closing time almost... But I just said, 'Honey, call them and see if there is anything they can do for us next time...'  Well they said they would remake it and he could come get it despite the fact technically they'd be closed by the time he got there.

So guess who's a hungry cranky butt!  This gal!

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I had gluten-free steak and shrimp at Outback last week. It came with choice of potato. I had garlic mashed, but I could have had plain baked. The shrimp was on a bed of sliced cherry tomatoes. Totally gluten-free and dairy-free (if I had gotten theplain baked). And I didn't get sick. :D


I think if you eat at a restaurant the safest way to do it is to check either here or at findmeglutenfree.com to make sure they truly are safe, then make it as simple as possible by ordering stuff that should naturally be gluten-free and dairy-free anyway.


Sorry you were left hungry and grumpy. Hope your next adventure in restaurantland goes better.

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