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My Celiac Panel Results?

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Hi there, I was hoping you guys could help me understand my Celiac Panel results... my Endocrinologist did the test and she just called me and said my Celiac test was positive and I had celiac disease and I should go see a Gastro doctor.  She also sent me my results and I'm just a little confused by the results.... I have tried looking stuff up, but it is all over my head. :)


Immunoglobulin A Value:  660 (h) Range: 81-463mg/dl


Gliadin AB, IgA  Value:  22(a)  <20 Antibody not detected  > or =20 antibody detected


Transglutaminase IgA  Value:  1  <4 no antibody detected > or =4 antibody detected



So, I'm wondering what my Immunoglobulin A value means since it seems way higher than the range.  And is the Gliadin AB antibody indicating that I have Celiac?  Cause the last test appears to be normal ... so I really have no idea what each of these tests mean and what the results mean. :(  I still need to go to the gastro and everyone told me not to go gluten free until I go to the gastro doctor.  We just bought a house and are about to move, so I haven't had time to find a doctor and go...



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