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What Could This Be, I Need To Help A Friend Figure Out What She Has

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My son's teacher says she suddenly lost 8 pounds and is loosing her hair and is having an endless pd. She knows I have celiac so confided in me as to what is happening to her. She has had 3 kids and is 31.  What do you celiac.com docs think this could be. She does not have other symptoms. But turned to me for ideas. Can you help me out? I'd love to share your ideas with her. Of course we are all the most medically informed people on the planet so someone here may have an idea. Thanks a bunch.

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She needs to be seen by a doctor. Primary, Endocronologist or Gynocologist (if "endless Pd" means period) -- just get in soon. Suggest including complete thyroid testing. Most important is get in....ask to speak with a nurse if the appointment scheduler tries to make your friend wait...and always ask for written or electronic copies of all tests.

Good luck to her!

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