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Recommend A Brand Of Waffle Maker For Gluten-Free Waffles?

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Any waffle maker is fine, one won't be different than another for it. Get what you like based on your preference. Some of us have regular and some of us have Belgian style.


These are my favorite waffles and great for this time of year, but not my only waffle recipe. I also like to make buckwheat waffles, which aren't something everyone would enjoy. I just googled around for recipes when I was ready to start and started in making them until I found ones I liked. I usually reduce a recipe to 1 egg the first time to save money and ingredients in case I don't like it.



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I know that in my attempts at gluten-free bread the dough has been more like a batter and is sometimes difficult to manage.


I like to try making gluten-free waffles, Can anyone recommend a recipe and a good waffle machine for gluten-free waffles?



Hi there - I'm still new to the whole gluten-free life, and prior to this my favorite food was pancakes. I just tried the King Arthur gluten-free pancake mix and it was incredibly good - even better than I recall wheat-filled pancakes to be! I imagine it would make great waffles - just let it sit the prescribed amount of time so it thickens up.

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